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COLTSBLOOD due to release new album ‘ACCENDING INTO SHIMMERING DARKNESS’ on April 21st 2017


COLTSBLOOD due to release new album ‘ACCENDING INTO SHIMMERING DARKNESS’ on April 21st 2017 via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records

Colts blood

Spawned in the benighted ichor-filled nether-pits below Liverpool, disgusting doomed triumvirate COLTSBLOOD deliver the most depraved and repulsive take on death-inspired doom metal ever to punish your worthless ears; Coltsblood will unleash their second album, ‘Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness’ on April 21st 2017 via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records.
The sleeve is once again covered in the demented scrawlings of legendary Grief main-man Eric C Harrison, painted with oils on canvas.  “We have worked alongside Eric since the beginning and we feel his artwork truly resonates with us and our music on many levels.  This is one of three incredible pieces and we cannot wait to share the others with you soon!”

‘Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness’ was produced by Chris Fielding (Winterfylleth, Primordial, Napalm Death) at Skyhammer Studio and mastered by Greg Chandler of Esoteric and Priory Recording Studios.

Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness


01. Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness
02. Mortal Wound
03. The Legend Of Abhartach
04. Ever Decreasing Circles
05. The Final Winter

Total Running time 52:45 mins

Coltsblood will drown you in raw filth.



About Coltsblood

Hailing from Scotland and Northern England Coltsblood has long taken influence from the rugged ice carved peaks, valleys and wilderness of its native lands, invoking sounds and visions from the past, the voices of ancestors, terrifying legends once roared with passion from around fires beneath starlit skies, fuelled by mead and ale, the greatest dreams and darkest fears of humanity and the great journey towards death.  Coltsblood take up their weapons, summoning colossal riffs loud enough for their ancient Gods to hear, screaming into the abyss, to those who have passed, into their destiny.

Since 2010 Coltsblood has guzzled mead and pillaged lands far and wide including pilgrimages across the sea to Eire, Finland and The Netherlands, having shared tours and stages with greats Horse Latitudes, Ommadon, The Wounded Kings, Watain, Orange Goblin and Indesinence.  Coltsblood was honoured to be a part of the legendary Roadburn Festival in 2015 appearing alongside Goblin, Wardruna and Enslaved.  During its time the band has earned a storm of reviews hailing Coltsblood as monolithic, crushing, filthy, bleak, melodic, devastating, other-worldly and horrific.  On the Full Moon of September 2013, Coltsblood entered Skyhammer Studio with Chris Fielding (Primordial, Winterfylleth, Electric Wizard) and recorded its first full length over the sacred Autumnal Equinox.  Coltsblood was honoured to work with bassist, vocalist and artist Eric C. Harrison to create exclusive artwork for the music due to a long time admiration for his artwork and the legendary band Grief.

In 2014 Coltsblood was honoured to sign to Candlelight Records for the release of its debut album ‘Into The Unfathomable Abyss’.”  The band was also honoured to release the album on vinyl via Dry Cough Records and Burning World Records.

“There’s a pocket of Northwest England that is just frighteningly proficient at turning out slab after slab of disgustingly heavy doom that drips and oozes with barely-contained hatred.  Coltsblood may be the best of the lot, and drove that point home to a sweat-drenched, packed-out crowd at the 013’s Stage 01, slamming through wave after wave of dense, sludgy distortion.  The noxious black/death metal aspects of their sound upped the chaos, and left us all utterly destroyed.”  Kim Kelly – Vice Magazine

“Or maybe I was just rendered unconscious by fucking Coltsblood who – holy shit – took Stage01, removed all its fillings and performed a root canal with a safety pin.  It was fucking ridiculous.  Hyperbole-worthy madness that even H.P. Lovecraft himself would stare at and be like, “Damn, that’s horrifying.”  JJ Koczan – The Obelisk

“As necro as Darkthrone on a cough syrup comedown, their churning bass grooves and sporadic, Neanderthal vocals are enough to rattle even the most blackened of skeletons with selected cuts from the devastating ‘Into the Unfathomable Abyss’ album.  Fuck me, these guys lay down some intense wastelands…” – Pete Green for The Sleeping Shaman

“Once you’re caught in the trance-like monoliths they call songs, time becomes irrelevant and they simply crush,”   Nick Ruskell – Kerrang