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Achren Review, Hammerfest 4

I headed over to see Achren slay the stage 2 crowd straight after Paradise Lost finished their fantastic set. I arrived at Stage 2 just as Achren are finishing Aura, considering that Anthrax are due to come on and a lot of people are away to the toilets and/or bar before heading back to main stage, Achren have a lot of people in watching them

They launched into ‘Fury of The Northmen’ then into ‘Pestilence’. Scott’s majestic dark vocal growl are fantastic as he can alternate effortlessly from death metal style screaming to black growls that fills the room with menace amongst Gordon pounding away on drums whilst Callum’s guitar notes and John’s bass line tears through us! ‘Fuck It Hard’ gives us some more brutal, blackened metal right in our faces before they play their title rack from their latest album The Forgotten King’ in between songs Scott banters away with the crowd whilst swigging Buckie from the bottle, you can guess where he comes from? ;)

The monitor in front of Callum has been playing up throughout the set however it does not deter him in the least. ‘Archangel’ and ‘Blood Soaked Banner’ are delivered and the guys are showing us no mercy. Stage 2 is staring to fill up a lot more by now which is great to see. I head away to catch some of Anthrax’s set leaving between the first stirrings of  ‘Bastards’ being played.

Achren played an awesome set even though they were up against Anthrax, they showed the crowd just how great they are! The guy next to me had never heard of them before and was totally impressed and copied down their name so he could go look them up once he got home!



Darkest Day

The Way of the Twilight or the Aura of Flies

Fury of the Northmen


Manuel’s Mile

Fuck It Hard

The Forgotten King


Blood Soaked Banner

Bastards on the Gallows or Bastards on the Rack

Wings of war



Achren are

Scott Anderson – Vocals, Guitar
Callum Kirk – Lead Guitar
Gordon Johnston – Drums
John Clark Paterson – Bass







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