Get On This:

Blessed by a Broken Heart – Feel the Power

“Shut up and Rock, turn it up louder. Crank that track till you feel the power. You know we ain’t gonna stop. So bang your head, shut up and rock!”

That is the tune you are going to be singing till the day you die. Yes, you know it. Blessed by a Broken Heart are back – bringing big ass choruses, crushing hardcore beat-downs and techno fuelled keyboard lines to your ears once again. This is Feel the Power, and as the awesome title suggests this album is going to be a loud one. So sit back, pump your fists in the air and in the words of BBABH…….. SHUT UP AND ROCK!

Firstly, Feel the Power may not have many memorable tracks as Blessed by a Broken Heart’s first album Pedal to the Metal, but it is special in its very own way. Compared to its predecessor, Feel the Power has opted for a more melodic AOR tinged, hair metal laden approach to the chorus’s, making them even more melodic than those on the first album. This adds real contrast to the hard edgy verses of tracks like ‘Deathwish’, ‘Love Nightmare’ and ‘Holding Back for Nothing’. So on one hand, there may not be as many catchy song on this album, but on the other, BBABH have made their new record more accessible for music lovers who do not relish in the heavily distorted guitar riff.

Once again Sean Maier is on top form, releasing his fiery fingers of fury onto the neck of his guitar, releasing a sonic boom of guitar based mayhem. He is by far one of the most talented guitar players in modern heavy metal and when tracks like ‘Forever’ and ‘Scream it like you Mean It’ kick in. You will be gob smacked by the pitched harmonics, high soaring solos and fast paced riffs which this album is heavily laden with.

Now the band have signed to Tooth and Nail records you can clearly tell that measures have been put into place to ensure that the production of this album is as clean cut as possible. Each musical line is equally balanced so that they gel well together, making the sound not only sound clean, but also like a jigsaw puzzle, tight and precise. This new record deal has definitely enhanced BBABH’s sound for the better, giving the band a more professional approach to the music. This is the bands ticket to the big league and with songs like ‘I’ve Got You’ and ‘Skate or Die’ to back them up, should grasp at this important ticket why they can!

This is one album that you must own, so go out and buy it today. Hell no. Go out and buy 5 copies of it today. For this is the album which shows Blessed by a Broken Heart’s sound maturing, and through these twelve tracks you will understand why this band are one of the greatest metal acts on the planet! [9/10]