planetmosh interviews with rock & metal bands and artists

Severenth – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Severenth enjoy the "air conditioned" ambience and biscuits of the Planetmosh interview corner at Hammerfest whilst having a chat about M2TM , Hammerfest festival, Wacken and their album Reveal.

Cry Havoc – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Cry Havoc barge through the door of Planetmosh's "Luxurious"  Media Headquarters at Hammerfest 3 for a chat about Hammerfest, Europe and even an up-coming SW mini tour. vgCZ_3xuwq8

10 Cent Toy – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Pit Worker of TcT pops in for a chat with Planetmosh at Hammerfest 2011. We chat about the band, the demo EP, the remainder of the band that are shitting...

Turisas – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Ollie Vanska in full battle dress as he is due on stage talks with Planetmosh at Hammerfest 3, 2011 about the band, the look, and his experience in Turisas. Oooo. and...

Evile – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Here we are with all of the guys from Evile,  which started as an interview until the end of the first question. After eating the donuts and biscuits we discuss...

Arceye – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

The boys from Arceye drop in for a chat with Planetmosh about 'the divide between chaos and order' @ Hammerfest 3  - 2011

Ed Warby – Hail Of Bullets – March 2011

Interview with Hail Of Bullets drummer - Ed Warby regarding the new album "On Divine Winds" and the upcoming "tour". Since releasing 'On Divine Winds' only positive reviews can be found about Hail...

Scott Anderson & John Clark Paterson – Achren – February 2011

Interview completed by Scott Anderson – Vocals, Guitar and John Clark Paterson – Bass 1.What made you decide to take part in Metal 2 The Masses? SA: Funnily enough, it was...

Simon Hall – Beholder – Derby 2010 (Video)

We catch up with Beholder on the final gig of their Edge of Insanity Tour at The Old Bell End in Derby. Appologies for the sound quality.  

Jon Schaffer – Iced Earth – Hammerfest 2010 (Video)

Planetmosh exclusive interview with Iced Earth's  Jon Schaffer, at Hammerfest 2010.

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Just for Fun

Wall of Lame 2009

ROB DUKES - METALS MOST DISRESPECTFUL  With the death of Michael Jackson earlier this year still lurking around, we cannot forget that moment at Belgiums...

Win a pair of weekend tickets with camping to the Lechlade Music Festival

Planetmosh have a pair of weekend tickets with camping to the Lechlade Music Festival, which is being held in the beautiful Cotswolds town of Lechlade...

Win Merchandise from Scunge Rockers ‘They Uncultured’

Win 'They Uncultured' Merchandise Scunge rock dystopian superheroes They Uncultured recently released debut single Bark Like a Dog and will be appearing at Camden Rocks Festival next...