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Nikita Minton

Co Founder / Station and website owner

Saxon Mosh

Co Founder / Website Guy

old school headbanger. likes Bikes, Booze and Rock & Roll , what more do you need? Usually found at most metal festivals

Sheila Hamilton

Editor / Team Co-ordinator & PR

Editor, Team Co-ordinator as well as PR, news poster, pass requester, owner of the infamous Garfield L'arpie and all round Metal Minion for PM since 2011 \m/ \m/

David Farrell

Editor / Team Leader

Manchester Area Team Leader General Manager and 'THE' competition guy at Manager of 'The Goddamn Electric'. and General Dogsbody at

Steve Dempsey


Dublin based Editor, photographer and reviewer for PlanetMoshThe official cheerleader around  PMHQ The twitter guy, the Rincewind of reviewing games, the cajoller of the quiet, pom-pom shaker to the shy... ah you get the picture.cheerleader

Mark Ashby

Team Leader

The Ireland editor of Planet Mosh, I'm just a good old fashioned metal fan from Belfast who has had the great pleasure of writing about the bands and music (and in the city) I love for almost 30 years. I also run a monthly classic rock club night and promote the occasional live gig.

Lee Rose

Editor / Reviewer

Eclectic, non-audiophile taste in music... I enjoy rock, extreme metal, instrumental (guitar twiddling), and classical music. If it's 'guitar-friendly', I want to hear it! Background in web/new media, music PR, marketing, digital publishing, interviews - 17 yrs. experience, strictly in the professional/practical sense (i.e. no PhD's)

Anthony May

Team Leader / photographer / Reviewer

I spend half my life at gigs or festivals and the other half writing the reviews and editing photos, and somehow find time for a full time job too.  Who needs sleep - I've got coffee.

Simon Bower

Interviewer / Reviewer / Photographer

Rock/Metal junkie living in beautiful Anglesey.Love live music and have a musical taste which can go from Cannibal Corpse to Kate Bush in the blink of an eye.

Dennis Jarman

Interviewer / Reviewer

50 year old rock/metal fan.Just about sums me up really.

Scott Watson

Interviewer / Reviewer / Google+ Guy

The Google+ Guy The entertaining video interview guy.Part time guitarist and wannabe rock star.  Long time lover of metal, xbox, football and my family while writing and editing for

Elliot Leaver

Interviewer / Reviewer

University graduate who is balancing out full time employment with writing reviews of albums and gigs. Favourite acts include Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Slipknot, Devin Townsend and many more.

Aisha Al-Sadie


Music, art and history all inspire each other and morph into one super beast.Check out my album artwork here:

David McCallum

Interviewer / Reviewer

Old enough to know better. I have been a metalhead for going on 30 years. I am a geek collector of records, cds, magazines memorabilia. In the past i have written for various sites and a printed magazine. I also play in bands - War Iron, Devilmakesthree, Terminus and Fuckhammer.

Dave Bradbery

Interviewer / Reviewer

Robbie Rooney

Interviewer / Reviewer

Paul Verner

Interviewer / Reviewer

Ella McClary

Interviewer / Reviewer

Music/gig/festival fanatic.. \m/

Ellen ‘Jim’ O’Dwyer

Interviewer / Reviewer

I love metal which is probably obvious as this is not a Backstreet Boys appreciation website :) I love going to gigs and festivals, pretty much anything to do with metal and I'm there with bells on! Some of my favourite bands include Carcass, Death, Meshuggah, decapitated, obituary, testament, Anthrax,Absu, Cannibal Corpse, Machine head,....There's a lot, too many to name them all..!

Jurga Kalinauskaite

Interviewer / Reviewer / Photographer

Lisa Fox


30 something female, born in Northern Ireland. I went to live in Edinburgh, then I lived in many many parts of Ireland, then I went back to Edinburgh, then London.... now I'm back in Edinburgh. I smoke, I drink and I dance. I love music, cats and coffee.

Bethan Hughes

Interviewer / Reviewer

Welsh metal loving girl who keeps getting told that I am very opinionated!

Dave Bedlam

Interviewer / Reviewer / Photographer

I am a reviewer/interviewer/photographer & chief cookie thief here at Planetmosh, I like a quite wide variety of Metal varying across different genres however my favourite band is Iron Maiden who I have seen many times all around the world. oh and I live Hollywood. Favourite bands include: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth,Praying Mantis, Slayer, Slipknot, Wolfsbane, Anthrax, Anvil, Panic Cell, Kamelot, Rob Zombie, System of a Down, Korn, Drowning Pool, Sorcerer's Spell, Iron Knights, Triaxis, Evil Scarecrow, and a whole lot more!Keeping it loud for Planetmosh

Phil Weller

Interviewer / Reviewer

I’m Phil Weller, a 19 year old journalist from Manchester who has worked voluntarily for The Reporters’ Academy for 4 years.During the past four years I have amassed a great deal of experience and have written pieces for many outlets, including the London 2012 website, the UK School Games newspaper and the Bleacher Report. I was officially accredited for the London 2012 Olympic Games, covering the football at Old Trafford for Bleacher Report.

Simon ‘Snake’ Thomas


Live music photographer and staff member of find more of my work on

Marc Leach


Sarah-Lou Holden


Heather Fitsell


I have been photographing bands predominantly in the London area since 2008. I have photographed in venues as small as pubs and as big as Manchester MEN arena. I have photographed local bands and the likes of Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, Black Stone Cherry, Alterbridge, Evanescence and many more. I have also photographed at Hevy Fest for the last two years and previously ran my own webzine, before I decided to focus more on my photography. More of my work is here:

Sean Larkin


I like taking photos for whoever will allow me. currently the very impressive PlanetMosh and the lesser known midlandsrocks See more of my work on


Radio Manager

Airplay? I'm the guy you need to contact when you want your awesome rock or metal tunes played on Planetmosh Radio. new release, not yet released, not gonna release it? We can play it. Payment? ... no we don't want anything, thankyou. Wanna be a PlanetMosh DJ? , already have a show which you want to play on more radio stations? Have a look at our timetable, choose an empty slot then contact me.

Mick the Beard

Radio Presenter

Shred Till Ya Dead and Best of British are my two radio shows aired weekly on planetmosh radio  don't be afraid to drop your tune requests in. I organise my own Metal Gods Festival every year which you can read more about and support on MGTV.

Carl Pickles

Radio Presenter

jeezus, I'm ugly. I wish I had a pic of me and a few details. I do have a slot on planetmosh radio though. I knew I had a good point somewhere.

Mike James

Radio Presenter

Ray Livermore

Radio Presenter

Sy Keeler

Radio Presenter

Nick Axford

Radio Presenter

Lady Spitfire

Radio Presenter

Dave Tonge

Radio Presenter

Hi, I'm Big D and I run the Noize Level Critical brand of Radio shows/station..always been mad about music but never learned to play an instrument, so took the other option of being a radio presenter to get my kicks, Rock has been a lifelong thing from listening to Elvis and Buddy Holly in the car going on Holidays right through Punk, NWOBHM, Glam up to now..Supporting the underground scene and local scene is a passion...