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Dakesis – Trial by Fire CD review

Dakesis are a band who is flying the British power metal scene flag high, and now they finally have a debut album out which shows all the raw energy, emotion and power of this band on one CD. With killer artwork, a brilliant concept and amazing power metal anthems – Trial by Fire is a must have for anybody who calls themselves a metal head. Combining shredding guitar lines, shimmering keyboard fills and one of the best voices in power metal to form a monster of power metal mayhem. By far one of the best power metal releases of 2011!

Wayne Dorman has one hell of a set of pipes, giving vocalists like Tony Kakko, Jorn Lande and Tobias Sammet a run for their money. He has such a powerfully strong voice, but at the same time manages to balance this power with emotion, singing is heart mind and soul out to songs like ‘Liar’, ‘On Wings on Steel’ and ‘Broken’. Not only do we have this astounding voice on lead vocals, we have the extremely talented Gemma Lawler who adds her stunning voice and touch to harmonize with Wayne’s vocals while she is playing the bright and melodic keyboard riffs. She is truly a girl of many talents.

There are so many different sub-genres of metal you can hear on Trial by Fire, and whether it is the fast paced power metal battle cries, the power chord infected trad metal anthems or the over complicated progressive metal songs, you know that the music means everything to Dakesis, and that in tracks like ‘Valhalla’, ‘After the Storm’ and ‘Shield of Achilles II’ the band have challenged themselves both musically and physically so that they could make this album as best as it could possibly be.

There isn’t a dull moment on this album and Dakesis have made it so everybody can sing along to the astounding songs on Trial by Fire, whilst having the time of their lives. It encompasses the aspects of stadium rock seen by the likes of Iron Maiden, but I’ll tell you something, Dakesis are miles better than them. There is no live spectacle about it, Dakesis are in the business to write killer metal tunes, and that’s what Trial by Fire is jammed full of. Tracks that want to make you thrown on your denim jacket, grab a beer and head bang like a mad man!

Go out and buy it. Hell no, go out and buy five copies of it, for Dakesis are putting the British metal scene back on the map, and with eleven amazing songs to add to their musical arsenal, nothing can stop them from what will soon be their rise to greatness! [9/10]