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Grabak reveal album details



GRABAK reveal ‘Bloodline Divine’ details

The German black metal outfit GRABAK will release its new and 6th studio album “Bloodline Divine” on November 17th via Massacre Records!

The album was mixed and mastered by Andy Schmidt and Michel Boer at Echolux Tonstudio. The cover artwork has been created by Dan Verkys.

“Bloodline Divine” will be characterized by furiously fast riffs & atmospheric parts as well as a gut-wrenching sound, and promises to take up, where “Agash Daeva” and “SIN” left off music-wise.




1. Post Lucis Natum (Intro)
2. Via Dolorosa
3. Sinnocence
4. Corpsebride
5. Oblivion
6. Seelensammler
7. Bloodline Divine
7. S.T.U.K.A.
8. Phoenix
9. Apostate
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