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Hammerjack give a track by track run through of their new E.P


Guildford Rockers Hammerjack spit out straight-up high octane Rock ‘n’ Roll. By pulling from AC/DC and Aerosmith, through to Guns N Roses and The Answer, Hammerjack dispatch a sound that is ballsy, rifftastic and infectious. The band release their new self-titled EP through all stores on Friday 22nd July.

Hammerjackwere originally formed 2013 and consist of friends, Sharpy (Vocals), Korush Mahdavieh (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Jack Thresh (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Shane White (Drums), got together with the sole ambition of creating an uncompromising, hard-hitting heavy rock band. The fiery quartet got straight to it and hit the road, fulfilling their manifesto and then some. Hammerjack laid siege to the UK and played a series of successful shows from the length and breadth of the country. The rockers also spanned the net, racking up shows on mainland Europe, playing everywhere from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia. In passing, the band played with the legendary Status Quo, Doctor and the Medics and Lord Volture.

Besides extensively touring the country’s (and mainland Europe’s) highways and byways, the high energy rockers also released a debut EP last year to wide underground acclaim. And now, the band have their blistering new self-titled EP ready for national consumption. Boasting four nuggets of abundantly blessed foot stomping and explosive rock ‘n’ roll, the record is a real scorcher. With a slew of shows planned during the coming months, you don’t want to miss this band.

Here they discuss each track.

I Can’t Change

This raucous opener of a track, has driving riffs that will grab you from the start. It has a clear message that we shouldn’t change who we are and be true to ourselves. Sharpy really tore away a part of himself to write this one, as it hits home with some of his deepest feelings.


Going Down Again

A bitter take on a love song coming from the demise of a former lover. At over 5 minutes this track takes you through the perils a man can face as live goes by. This song shows off the vocal range of the singer and the technical ability of the band.


Take It All

Being hungry musicians we always want more right? ‘Take It All’ explains this with crunching riffs, fast pace GnR-esk rhythm and high end vocal. We want the absolute most we can get. We won’t stop until we achieve our ambitions.


More Than Nothing

This classic sounding blues will have you stomping your feet from the start. The southern tones of the slide guitar will take you down and have you drinking moonshine before you can stop your brother grabbing your cousin. Lyrically this is the story of a drunken man who’s on the brink of losing everything unless he changes his ways.

The band release their new self-titled EP through all stores on Friday 22nd July.

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