Head Bang Record Store Day With Free Download – Death Metal Decapitation 2


In celebration of this year’s fifth annual Record Store Day and upcoming Death Metal Decapitation 2 fest in Toronto, ON that exposes the finest and most brutal extreme bands from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

A free compilation has been put together by DMD organizer Blacktooth Entertainment to share with head bangers from across the globe.

The compilation features tracks from Derelict (Montreal), Deamon (Ottawa), Nephelium (Toronto via Dubai), The Unborn Dead (Toronto) and Blastmycosis (Toronto).

The free download can be found at the following link –



Track Listing:


1. Derelict – Perpetuation
2. Derelict – Shackles of Indoctrination
3. Nephelium – Merciless Annihilation
4. Nephelium – Burial Ground
5. Deamon – Praying Headless
6. Deamon – Means
7. The Unborn Dead – Final Judgement
8. The Unborn Dead – Pieces
9. Blastomycosis – The Putrid Smell Within
10. Blastomycosis – Yeast Infected Cunt Strudel

Show details: Death Metal Decapitation 2

Date: Friday, May 4, 2012
Venue: Hard Luck Bar 772 Dundas St. W
Time: 8pm
Cost: $10
Age Limit: 19+
Bands: Derelict, Nephelium, Deamon, The Unborn Dead, Blastomycosis




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