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Imperious sign to Massacre Records


 IMPERIOUS signs with Massacre Records

Massacre Records are happy to announce the signing of the German epic black metal band IMPERIOUS!

The band was founded by vocalist, bassist and main composer Sertorius in 2009, and with the addition of both guitarists Iluaar and Kalmesh they form the trio IMPERIOUS. Their intention and goal is to create music based on historical, lyrical and poetic sources.

Their debut “Varus” was released in April 2011 via Heretic Visions Productions and Twilight Distribution.

Following the closure of their label, IMPERIOUS focused on a new project: translating Homer’s Odyssey into a musical concept, and they succeeded.

IMPERIOUS’ two albums “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus – Part I: From Ilion To Hades” and “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus – Part II: From Hades To Ithaca” are set to be released this autumn via Massacre Records!

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