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Inmoria Interview

Inmoria are a five piece band we have Dan Eriksson on keyboards, vocalist Ronny Hemlin, Christer Andersson on guitar, Tommi Karppanen on bass and Peter Morén on drums. Lara Kisel is interviewing Dan Eriksson.

Lara- You have an incredible mix in your music, coming from a vast range of influences could you tell us more about the sound you create and how have you developed it?

Dan Ericksson- Thanks a lot Lara!! Well actually my influences come from myself and my own weird mind and I don´t try to sound like some other band. When I write music I don´t make it so that we all can show off with boring solos for 2 minutes in each song, instead I focus on creating some kind of atmosphere. I don´t mean that we don´t use solo parts, just not in a “normal” way.

There is a huge difference between the debut album and this one: the new album is much much more “thought through” and has more different parts in each of the songs. On the new album we also have a symphonic track called “Why” which has only vocals and an orchestra arrangement.

Lara- So tell us the background of Inmoria?

Dan- Well, at the time I was living in Oslo, working and not doing anything special. And suddenly I started to hear music in my head again after about ten years of not doing any music at all. So I just quit my job, moved back to my house in Sweden and bought some studio equipment and built a studio.

I recorded a bunch of tracks and I was so pleased with them that I called up Christer from Tad Morose and asked him to come over and listen to them. He really liked what he heard and so we started to talk about putting a band together. So he called up and asked Peter (Tad Morose) and Tommi (Tad Morose) if they would like to be involved as a drummer and bass player and they said yes.

Then a couple of singers later, we now have the perfect line up.

Lara- So you have just released your second album how is it doing so far? From my research you have had some excellent responses?.

Dan- It is going great and the response has been phenomenal, some even calling it “Best Album of 2011″ and that is really inspiring and makes me wanna work even harder.

Lara- If you had the chance to tour with any band who would it be and why?

Dan- Nightwish would be awesome because thay also create some kind of mystical atmosphere with their music. And also because Tuomas Holopainen is one of my favorite composers.

Lara- So what kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

Dan- Actually I rarely listen to music when I am at home. I am working with music during the day so I am basically fed up with it when I come home. But sometimes I listen and then it is everything from classical music to melodic deathmetal such as Dimmu Borgir and stuff.

Lara- Who do you most look up to in the industry?

Dan- Well apart from Tuomas Holopainen, I have to say all those struggling record company bosses who, regardless of how the music industry looks like these days with downloads and stuff, still wanna release albums because they love it.

Lara- Since 2008 what have been your successful and frustrating times and how have you overcome your dilemmas?

Dan- The most successful things have been all the awesome reviews that we have had since we started and of course our UK Tour in 2011.

The most frustrating time has been everytime we have changed lead vocalists. Everytime is has felt like we had to start all over again and a lots of time and effort had to be put down searching for a new singer instead of focusing on what really matters……the music and playing live. But now we have found the ultimate singer in Ronny Hemlin who has an amazing voice and he is also a great frontman.

Lara- I know your lyrics are deep and focus upon war, death, dreams and other similar subjects. So what is your writing process and how do you become inspired to write about such strong themes?

Dan- The writing progress is pretty easy. I usually start with some keyboard chords but sometimes I start by playing some riffs on the guitar. Then I end up in some weird state of mind and I can hear the whole song, from the start to the end, in my head. So I basically don’t leave the studio until the track is finished. I just record every instrument one by one until it is finished. I just go back and change some small parts if I have to. Then I just call up the rest of the guys for them to come over and put their personal touch to it.


When it is time for the lyrics I often fall even deeper into this weird state of mind where a “movie” takes place inside my head. I see characters, dark and depressing, almost like shadows, and they are running around and “talking” to me, begging me to help them out of their misery. So what they “say” to me I write down.

So you see, if Sigmund Freud were alive today, then I would be his only patient!!

Lara- When you did your UK tour what was the relationship like between you and your fans and how does an English audience differ from your home town audience?

Dan- We had an awesome time in the UK and the crowd was amazing. They stayed after the shows so we hung out with them and signed whatever they wanted. There is a big difference between Sweden and other countries because in Sweden some people always stand at the back with their arms crossed and analyzing what bands on stage do and afterwards they come and say “well you guys were amazing but you have to change some things like bla bla bla” and those people are basically always musicians.

In the rest of Europe everybody in the crowd is on the same level so it is much more  fun to play outside of Sweden.

Lara- Last but not least what do you hope to achieve with Inmoria?

Dan- We just wanna tour like hell and bring our music to every corner of the world, as long as the place has electricity then we will come.

Lara- Thank you so much for your time Dan, it’s been great.