JOANovARC – Ride Of Your Life

Ride Of Your Lifealbum by: JOANovARCVersion:mp3Price:£10.70Reviewed by: Kris WhiteRating:5On January 3, 2017Last modified:January 3, 2017Summary:Whilst there is a degree of nostalgia with there being a similar feel to the old-school female rock bands, JOANovARc have built on that legacy and evolved the sound into something new and exciting. What I love about ‘Ride Of Your Life’ is there is no ‘filler’ tracks. Every track whilst being diverse is true to the sound of JOANovARC, live and on recording, I am just blown away at the musicianship of these ladies, I very much suggest that they are one to watch out for in 2017. It was hard to pick a favourite track on such a strong album, but it has to be ‘Dragon in the Sky’ Top marks from me, and I can’t wait to see them live again as soon as possible!More Details Kicking off my 2017 to a rocking start, I’ve got the debut release ‘Ride Of Your Life’ by JOANovARC up for review.  It’s just the heavy treat I need to send the negativity of 2016 packing. JOANovARC were my favourite new band discovery of 2016; I first came across them when my band played an opening slot … Continue reading JOANovARC – Ride Of Your Life