Just Announced – Coven | Winterfylleth | Vulture Industries | Grave Miasma | Vallenfyre

Coven @ The Dome, Tufnell Park,  London – 11.09.2017

High Priestess of the Occult, Jinx Dawson & COVEN will be visiting the UK for the very first time this September, for a special show at The Dome, Tufnell Park in London. It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Coven to be the progenitor of what we now know as occult rock; years before every other heavy band proclaimed to be performing rituals on stage and draping themselves in powerful symbolism – Jinx and co were living it. The furore that surrounded the 1969 release of “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls” persisted for many years afterwards, the band dogged by controversy everywhere they went.
The forward-thinking themes and powerful imagery explored by Coven paved a pathway for those open-minded enough to follow. Their influence has been far reaching – from those who shy away from acknowledging this right through to those who worship unreservedly at the altar of Coven. We are honoured to welcome them to the UK for their first, and only, UK performance.

Winterfylleth @ Boston Music Room, London – 28.09.2017 & Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff – 29.09.2017

Old Empire are thrilled to be working with long time friends Winterfylleth on a couple of their 10 Year Anniversary shows in September.  Passionate, anthemic black metal inspired by the history, heritage and landscapes of England.
They will be hitting Boston Music Room in London & Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff with Wiegedood & Necronautical along for the celebration – check em out!


Vulture Industries @ Boston Music Room, London – 09.11.2017

The Norwegian coastal city of Bergen is famous for its vibrant Rock and Metal scene.  Surrounded by fjords and mountains, this beautiful but rain ridden place would be associated with Black Metal by most people, yet Vulture Industries are of a very different breed.  The bands 3’rd album, “The Tower” explores dark musical vistas with a unique mixture of progressive, experimental, industrial, doom, extreme and even symphonic elements.  Their amalgamate of styles may conveniently be dubbed Avant-Garde Metal, which can be further explained by drawing possible comparisons with Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Devin Townsend and The Cult. Vulture Industries will bring down the tower to Boston Music Rooms this November, joined by their brothers in arms, Code.


Grave Miasma @ Boston Music Room, London – 16.09.2017 

Celebrating 15 years of misery, London’s own blackened sons Grave Miasma will play a storming headline set at Boston Music Room this September.  The band had this to say – “Our genesis began 15 years ago in London, England.  To commemorate this milestone, we would like to invite you all to a gathering in the very same city: an ovation to the past, present and future of Grave Miasma.  This will be our first London show in nearly two and a half years and an exclusive for 2017.  Joining us will be our long-time allies, Drowned, with others to be confirmed.”



Vallenfyre @ Boston Music Room, London – 10.09.2017

“Twelve songs. No samples. No triggers. No bullshit,” is how Greg Mackintosh (vocals/guitars) sums up what one can expect from the third album of Vallenfyre, “Fear Those Who Fear Him”.
While the stark contrasts of its unforgiving musical mixture of death, doom, grind, and crust, seem to be more radical than before. Uttering torrents of hatred towards those orchestrating the misery of many, articulating the desolate rage boiling inside each one of us, picturing a world in turmoil, dysfunctional, and despaired, “Fear Those Who Fear Him” strikes with an urgency and authenticity that is hard to resist. Eager to take this ferocity to stages worldwide, where Vallenfyre perform as a quintet completed by second guitarist Sam Kelly-Wallace and bassist Chris Casket, to allow Mackintosh to fully concentrate on his vocal performance, the band is more than ready to wash you away like the merciless aural tide that is “Fear Those Who Fear Him”.