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Revealer set loose new video single…..

UK newcomers REVEALER have unleashed their new video single ‘Nothing; No One’ – https://youtu.be/KMRiOiuaTAc . The metal crew also play a series of live shows this Autumn.


Pulling in the layered intensity of Machine Head and Emmure, and the astuteness of Architects, REVEALER pull from their luminaries, and in doing so have unearthed a compelling sound of their own that is potent and brutally hypnotic.



Founded in 2014 and hailing from the East Midlands, REVEALER have built up a solid following by successfully releasing their debut EP, Losing Sight, and through their enthralling performances across the whole of the UK alongside the likes of Oceans Ate Alaska, Loathe, Red Seas Fire, Fathoms, Dock 83, and Continents.


The Midlanders are now ripe to raise hell as they set loose their new video single, Nothing; No one, https://youtu.be/KMRiOiuaTAc . Blessed with rampant juggernaunt guitars, deeply-growled vocals and pounding rhythms that will hammer deep into your core, the quartet have delivered on all fronts. Keep tuned to the band’s socials for show updates and just watch these riff beasts transcend from the underground.



https://www.instagram.com/revealeruk/    https://www.facebook.com/revealerUKband/


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