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Rise to Remain – City of Vultures CD review

After releasing a terrible Bridges will Burn EP in 2010, Rise to Remain have pulled no punches to release the finest metalcore album of this year, combining insane beat downs, musical talent and extremely catchy chorus’s to form one of the most memorable releases of 2011. This is City of Vultures, the new album of London’s own metalcore heroes Rise to Remain, and although lead singer Austin Dickinson may not be taking a leaf out of father Bruce’s Iron maiden book, Rise to Remain have released an album which isn’t your average generic metalcore album, showing the world that Britain is the leading light in modern heavy metal, and the music has never sounded to awesome thanks to the likes of Rise to Remain.

The guitar parts on City of Vultures are massive, and they are so memorable playing killer, hooky melody lines, without getting rid of power, aggression and bounce in the slick beat downs, the fast paced heavy riffs and the soaring lead solos. Guitarists Ben Tovey and Will Homer are insane guitar players, and through their talented playing show that the younger generation can also shred their stuff when putting their parts into the songs ‘The Serpent’, ‘The Day is Mine’ and ‘We Will Last Forever’.

The vocals on this album make City of Vultures all the more enjoyable as singer Austin Dickinson masters the high and the low, the melodic and the harsh of the vocal spectrum, singing his heart, soul and mind out in the awesome sing along tracks ‘Power Through Fear’, ‘Talking in Whispers’ and ‘Roads’. He is a hell of a front man, and as we can hear from most of the songs on City of Vultures, Mr Dickinson is one of the finest singers in metal, and puts the likes of great metalcore singers such as Matt Heafy of Trivium, Matt Tuck of BFMV and Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage to shame.

For such a small band, City of Vultures sounds massive, everything is professionally done and it makes these awesome songs sound…. well, all the more awesome. There is nothing better than a clean sounding rock song, and when songs such as ‘God Can Bleed’ and ‘Nothing left’, come through your speakers at 500 decibels, you can’t help but enjoy it. This is metalcore at its best as this new, refreshed sound is going to bump Rise to Remain up to the big league!

So, if you want extremely catchy songs, that are still as heavy as a double decker bus being dropped on a baby, then City of Vultures by Rise to Remain is the ultimate new album for you, and despite what people say about metalcore not being proper metal, this album is far metal than most of the releases this year. [8/10]