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The Rolling Stones – Some Girls: Live in Texas ‘78


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The Rolling Stones

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On June 19, 2017
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A long overdue CD release for this album that was previously only available as part of a DVD/CD bundle

“Some Girls, Live in Texas ‘78” was recorded in 1978 on tour at the Will Rogers memorial centre in Fort Worth, Texas soon after the release of the “Some girls” album.  The video was released in 2011 by Eagle Rock Entertainment as a DVD or CD/DVD bundle, and now the soundtrack is being released as a CD in a month that see’s Eagle Rock also releasing two other Rolling Stones live CDs – “Ladies and gentlemen: The Rolling Stones” and “Muddy Waters & The Rolling stones: Checkerboard lounge – live in Chicago 1981”.

As with the other two releases, it’s surprising really that this soundtrack has never been made available on CD before (except as a DVD/CD bundle), so it’s good to see it being released as a standalone CD
Rolling Stones fans are certainly being spoiled this month with the release of not just one but three live albums, even though some fans will have them on DVD already.  As with the other two releases, the sound quality is excellent and it features the Rolling Stones at their best.  It’s a great setlist and differs significantly from the “Ladies and gentlemen: The Rolling Stones” album recorded a few years earlier in Texas.  Both are great albums and I couldn’t pick one over the other – both are great albums and the different setlists mean that both are worth buying (the Checkerboard lounge album is also a great purchase and is very different to the other two albums)

Track listing:

1. Let it rock
2. All down the line
3. Honky Tonk women
4. Star star
5. When the whip comes down
6. Beast of burden
7. Miss you
8. Imagination
9. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Far away eyes
12. Love in vain
13. Tumbling dice
14. Happy
15. Sweet little sixteen
16. Brown sugar
17. Jumpin’ Jack flash

A long overdue CD release for this album that was previously only available as part of a DVD/CD bundle
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