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Scotland’s national rock festival ‘WILDFIRE’ to champion new wave of British classic rock


Scotland’s national rock festival ‘WILDFIRE’ to champion new wave of British classic rock

Wildfire Festival, Scotland’s leading rock and metal festival, today announces the second tranche of 20 bands that will be playing the June 2017 Event. With the first 40 bands now confirmed, Wildfire will be the reference point summer showcase of the best emerging UK rock talent in one place over three days.

Following December’s shock news on the demise of Team Rock, Wildfire has resolved to focus this year’s festival on tomorrow’s exciting rock talent.  With UK rock fans voicing concern in a YouGov poll over the rising cost of concert ticket prices for classic bands, the threat to the future of grass-roots venues and the lack of airtime for new rock bands – Wildfire believes 2017 needs to become the year when the rock community invests more time in tomorrow’s bands.

Wildfire will be this year’s national festival for and about new bands – the bill already draws on exciting new artists from England, Wales, Ireland and local bands from Scotland, who will enjoy main stage festival exposure.

In addition, Wildfire 2017 also carries an exciting international flavour, with bands flying in from Australia, The US and Denmark to join the bill.

Wildfire line-up so far

The 20 bands announced today include;

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin, Forever Still, Broken Witt Rebels, Skarlett Riot, Massive, Tequila Mockingbyrd, The Jokers, The King Lot, Dead Label, Skam, Vice, Making Monsters, Departed, Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters, Psychobabylon, RSJ, Anchor Lane, Tantrum, Derange and Chrome Molly


The three-day festival, held in the grounds of the sumptuous Wiston Lodge country estate – a stone’s throw from Glasgow and Edinburgh – has currently frozen prices for 2017 to ensure people of all walks of life can attend.  Further, Wildfire extends its reputation as a great weekend break for the whole family with children’s tickets prices fixed at just £1.  Beyond giving children their first live concert experience, a range of music workshops are planned for children and teenagers that want to have their first experience of playing or learning an instrument with rock mentors.

Dave Ritchie, Founder and Director of Wildfire Festival commented: “We all love the old bands but if we keep going to see them at festivals at the expense of backing today’s young bands, there will not be rock music in 20 years time.  What we are preparing for June 2017 is a massive 60-band showcase of the best new talent in rock today.  Nowhere else will music lovers be able to see 60 of the brightest and most critically acclaimed young bands in one place, over three days – and in a wonderful setting with a family friendly feel.  Everyone that comes to Wildfire is doing their bit to give bright new bands a future.

“From Glasgow to Plymouth, Cardiff to Coventry, Norwich to Belfast – new rock bands are cropping up from all corners of the UK.  They are inspired by the British rock tradition of Led Zep, Free and Queen.  Furthermore these new bands are too great in number to ignore.  There is a New Wave of British Classic Rock and it is sad that the mainstream rock world doesn’t do more to put them centre stage.  We are doing this in June – and together we will be making some noise and, in doing so, giving British rock music a future.”

Conor Gaffney of emerging new Scottish band, Anchor Lane adds: “In addition to putting Scotland back on the map as the engine room for new British rock bands, Wildfire Festival plays a crucial role in sponsoring grass roots talent on its doorstep.  Getting a break at a festival is a big step for any new band and Wildfire founder Dave Ritchie invests considerable time visiting local venues to ensure every year there is a healthy crop of Scottish bands getting their festival debut at Wildfire.  In a year when so many Scottish festivals have fallen away and when south of the border too many festivals seem to just go for the old big names, the importance of Wildfire to young bands and fans cannot be over-stated.  And the great news for concert-goers is Wildfire doesn’t hang one on or two headliners bringing the stage to life.  At Wildfire it is endless great music 12-hours a day! ”


National research conducted by YouGov among a nat. rep. sample of 1,513 adult rock fans across the UK asked them which issues they felt were the most damage to the future of rock music:
Closure of small clubs and venues 35%
Rock concert ticket prices being too expensive 29%
Lack on mainstream radio airplay 22%
People streaming music rather than buying it 20%

Here is a brief description of the bands announced to play by Wildfire’s Dave Ritchie:

The Treatment – one of Britain’s finest young rock bands deservedly gaining a festival headline slot

Wearing Scars – an undoubted band for the musicians amongst us, featuring the legendary Andy James

Bad Touch – Due to unforeseen circumstances – midgies – they had to withdraw in 2016. A fans favourite, the are not getting off that easily!

The Texas Flood – been on the radar for a few years and delighted to get this powerhouse rock band on side

Dirty Thrills – bringing a bit of sleaze and also just a little bit of class to the proceedings

Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics. Forget about the Heaven’s Basement connection, this will have you on the edge of your seat, a rock n roll roller-coaster

Last Bullet – yeah really! all the way from Canada, must have Scottish roots and if not, will have after June

Eva Plays Dead – full on, all action punktastic young rockers making a wildfire debut that you cannot miss

Pilgrim – we have a thing for our Celtic cousins and the Welsh rockers will be taken into our hearts

Fireroad – the best fun you will ever have watching four lads put up a tent. The perfect festival band

Gasoline Outlaws – the find of the festival for many in 2016 so we had to have them back

The Bad Flowers – you need to be top drawer to play as a three piece, they are!

Those Damn Crows – not a reference to the beautiful Wiston bird life, just a kick ass rock n roll band

Piston – they bring significant substance to match their significant style.

Fahran – in Wildfire terms, potential veterans, but their youthful high energy show is unmissable

Theia – young, hard and heavy, Theia have a class that belies their tender age

Kane’d – another band making a welcome return, sexy swagger and that is just Harry! Mighty vocals, this is a show!

Late Night Legacy -
get the funk out as Leeds finest, may well define, the summer of 17

The Fallen State – our ethos on a plate, young, exciting, modern hard rock music, the future is bright

Little Brother Eli -sharpest dressed band of the weekend? Maybe! But soulful and memorable for their music alone.

Skarlett Riot – literally by popular demand and well, Chloe is very persistent. A pleasure to have them back

Broken Witt Rebels – quite possibly one of the most exciting young rock bands in the UK at the moment and destined to make the mainstream crossover.

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin – flying in from Georgia, USA and bringing massive experience and consummate musicianship

Forever Still – the Danes are on the cusp of breaking it in the UK big time, this could be an “I was there” moment

Skarlett Riot – powerful, melodic and riff led British modern Rock/Metal get down the front early

Massive – the Aussie wrecking crew are moving to the UK. If they can show this comment, so can we, a powerhouse young band that just have to be seen

Tequila Mockingbird – following the same path as their Massive counterparts, an all girl trio, that will melt the Wildfire audience

The Jokers – back by popular demand! Hooks, melody and energy, despite the name a seriously great act

The King Lot – with a sophomore album due in 2017, this is going to be their year. One of Scotland’s finest for sure

Dead Label – a musical metal maelstrom, which although hard and heavy, has the hooks and melody to crossover to all rock fans

Skam – no place to hide in 3 piece bands, and these guys are all front and centre, definitely tick the “unmissable” box

Vice – visceral, vicious, modern metal, they return to a higher billing due to popular demand.

Making Monsters – Wildfire debutantes, loved by the music press, who are we to argue, outstandingly chaotic.

Departed – another young band flying the flag for British rock talent.  The essence of Wildfire

Psychobabylon – they say “Let go of what you know and Embrace the Strange!” Who are we to argue

RSJ – if only one hardcore band can cross over to a rock audience it is these guys.  Back to do it all again in 2017 I guess for Dan it is veni vidi vici

Anchor Lane – unbelievably mature sound for such a young band. If anyone can capture the essence of NWOBCR it is these guys

Tantrum – if L.A.Guns had been born in Livingston, then this would have been the sound, honest rough and ready rock’n’roll. #WLGuns

Derange – utterly compelling technical rock/metal.  Will be introduced to and will win over a whole new audience this summer

Chrome Molly – experienced rock act, with an amazing new album release in Hoodoo Voodoo, never mind the critical acclaim, buy the album, watch the show.