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Secret Sphere – Archetype CD review

Secret Sphere’s new album, the amazing Archetype is the perfect example of a power metal album. With fast soloing guitar lines, high pitched vocal squeals and extremely catchy songs, Secret Spheres take on progressive power metal is one of the most powerful and soulful examples of the music you will ever lay your ears on. Featuring twelve all killer no filler, charging power metal anthems, one thing is for sure, you will remember Secret Sphere’s name for a long time, and it’s because of one thing…… The stellar new record Archetype!

The best bit about Archetype is the soaring guitar lines. Power metal is supposed to be fast, emotional, but never the less heavy, and that’s what Secret Sphere is best at doing, writing good old fashion power metal riffs. Aldo Lonobile is a hell of a talented guitar player, and you can see he puts all he’s got into tracks like ‘Line of Fire’, ‘Into the Void’ and ‘Future’, which are all guitar orientated. Whether it be heavy chugging guitar riffs, or insane tapping solo’s this album is a must have for die-hards shredders, who most definitely will compliment Aldo as one of the best guitarists in melodic metal.

Secret Sphere not only are the masters of the fast paced riff. The more ‘mellower’ tracks and the ballads that are present on Archetype makes this experience all the more enjoyable, giving a new dimension to the album. Tracks like ‘The Scars You can’t See’, ‘All in The Moment’ and ‘Vertigo’ may remind you heavily of the structure of a Sonata Arctica song, but the use string instruments and ‘techno’ sounding keyboard adds a new flavour into the mix. Whether it is the fast or the slow, it is memorable, and you can’t help but air keyboard and sing along to these brilliant songs.

What is very odd about Archetype is that Secret Sphere has experimented with harsher vocals in some of their songs. Although this usually isn’t a custom to power metal, the ferociousness of ‘Line of Fire’ and ‘Mr. Sin’ make the music sound all the more aggressive and powerful. It’s excellent but strange, you don’t expect it to happen and when it hits you, you will enjoy it! If more power metal bands sounded like this: Mature, talented and not to gimmicky. Power metal would be loved by so many more people, and Secret Sphere are the ideal ambassadors for this.

Forget Dragonforce, screw Blind Guardian and chuck your Rhapsody of Fire albums away, because the future is Secret Sphere and with an album as good as Archetype under their wing, they are working their way up the ladder. The ladder to power metal godliness! [8/10]