Seita signs with Massacre Records


SEITA signs with Massacre Records

Meet SEITA, the unapologetic force consisting of Michel Gambini (guitars/vocals), Pablo Minoli (guitars), Damian Lopez (drums) and Mike van den Heuvel (bass), a band that is inspired by the different layers and faces of the human struggle!

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the band will release its album “Maledictus Mundi” on October 26th via Massacre Records!

Brace yourselves; the death and thrash metal sound-wave SEITA brings, will destroy the sugarcoating that stands between you and today’s bitter truths.


25.08.2018 NL Amstelveen – P60
05.10.2018 NL Hilversum – Podium De Vorstin
13.10.2018 NL Nijverdal – Cult Art Club
03.11.2018 NL Zaandam – Podium De Flux