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Download 2015: Day 3, 14/06/15

The final day of Download, and it’s sunny, rejoice! Well, it isn’t for long, but the optimism of a better day of weather than before really pulls people through. What is in store given the barnstorming set that Muse put on the previous night is anyone’s guess, but let’s find …

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Download 2015: Day 2, 13/06/15

Download 2012’s horrendous weather had led to the year being described as ‘Drownload’, and as Saturday morning breaks it seems likely that this would head the same way; the rain isn’t as heavy but it’s no less relentless. That being said, the arena is open with time to spare before the …

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Download Festival 2015: Day 1, 12/06/15

Ahhh, post-festival blues, don’t you just love ’em? Download Festival 2015 has been and gone and for the 80,000 or so punters that attended, it’s back to society and the grindstone. But for those of you who can’t quite let it go yet, here’s the first day of the madness relived …

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Evil Scarecrow – Download Festival, 14/06/15

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist and Kraven Morrdeth from ‘Blue Peter metallers’ Evil Scarecrow at Download this year, where we touched on the subjects of farming, Wednesday 13 and Exeter. Many thanks to my partner in crime Anthony May who helped me out in a couple …

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