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Steel Panther – Balls Out CD review

Compared to Steel Panthers last effort, Feel the Steel. It’s a shame to say that the joke seems to have run dry on new album Balls Out and although musically they may be the same old quality hair metal tracks, this album seems to have lost its sense of humour, and the innuendos for tits, sex and hot women seems to have been completely erased from this album. Although this album is called Balls Out, the only thing I can see is a limp cock, and that’s why trying to be funny doesn’t quite pay off in the end!

The laugh out loud moments on this album are limited, secluded to a mere handful of tongue in cheek moments that do brighten up the rest of this rather dull album. Songs like ‘Just like Tiger Woods’, ‘If You Really Really Love Me’ and ‘It Won’t Suck Itself’ may not be the most musically demanding tracks on this album, but with a record – that is supposed to be comedy based sounding as funny as a funeral march, then it is a relief to see that Steel Panther have managed to save this album from being dreadful, and should definitely not play most of these songs in their live set.

Apart from the lack of jokes on Balls Out, it’s odd to see that the band have decided to put fourteen tracks on the album, most of which are filler and some of which only just pass the two minute mark. Balls Out should definitely just been an EP. Forget tracks like ‘Tomorrow Night’, ‘I Like Drugs’ and ‘Let Me Cum In’, because despite the anarchistic, sleazy sound of these songs; there is no moments on these songs that make you want to relive the 80’s, just a band sounding like they want to be Def Leppard.

The production on this album isn’t the best either, and sounds like the guitar is the main focus for Steel Panther’s music on every song on Balls Out. Perhaps if the songs sounded more tighter and professional like on Feel the Steel, then tracks like ‘Supersonic Sex Machine’, ’17 Girls in a Row’ and ‘Why Can’t You Trust Me’, would be a lot more enjoyable and if the vocals where loud enough to be heard over the music, then more people would possibly get the joke, however rubbish it may be.

There are moments on this album, that will make you wet yourself laughing, but Balls Out in whole is a big disappointment after previous work Steel Panther have made. Maybe this is the death of Steel Panther. Spinal Tap had their time, so did Tenacious D, but there is something about Steel Panther that makes me think that they wanted us to think that we had the last laugh…….. [5/10]