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SteelTrooper – Eternal Warrior CD review

Last year, British power metal saw many a new band enter the incredible scene and blow the brains out of most European power metal bands. Now in 2012, we start off the year with a mind blowing release from SteelTrooper, a Staffordshire based metal band; who mix together elements of power, thrash, trad and the occasional dose of melodic death metal to form a monster of a metal album capable of blowing your ear drums and your speakers from the second the first song kicks in. If you have been in need of a new power metal album for your ears to indulge, then Eternal Warrior by SteelTrooper is the next album you need to buy, combining lightning fast riffs and a mix of melodic and harsh vocals to create one of the finest power metal releases of the past ten years.

The guitar parts play a huge part in the sound of SteelTrooper. They are ravenously vicious, powering through each note like a battering ram. There are elements of everything from Dragonforce to Trivium on Eternal Warrior and it’s this diversity which makes this album so enjoyable. One minute you will be listening to 500mph riffs like that on ‘Eternal Warrior’, the next you’ll be headbanging to  heavier thrash laden guitar licks heard on ‘Enter the Dragon’. Both Owen and Loz are insane guitar players, two of the most talented in the business actually, and on Eternal Warrior you can hear just how talented both of these youngsters are.

The best bit about Eternal Warrior is how catchy the songs are. There isn’t one track on this album that is boring in any way. It’s an all killer no filler album that contains some of the best power metal anthems ever heard. Tracks like ‘Night Prowler’, ‘Patroller’ and ‘Ashes to Dust’ are all musically stimulating, sounding massive thanks to the tight production and clean recording that this album has been given.

The music is great, the production is awesome, but the thing that makes Eternal Warrior a flawless album is the killer album cover. It defines epic metal….. A giant two headed dragon, fighting a knight on top of a castle surrounded by a deadly firestorm. Now, if that isn’t the mother of all power metal album front covers, I don’t know what is. It complements the epic music on this album, making the concept of dragons and warriors seem life like.

Eternal Warrior is an astoundingly brilliant album and seen as this is only SteelTrooper’s debut, they have hit the ground running. This is the mother of all power metal releases, and with ten high speed, octane fuelled anthems to start off their back catalogue, we will be hopefully be seeing a hell of a lot more from SteelTrooper in the next few years! [9/10]