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Stormage reveal track list





STORMAGE reveal track list

STORMAGE are going to release their upcoming album “Dead Of Night” on March 24th via Massacre Records! This is how the tracklisting looks like:

1. Instinct To Defend
2. Anguish Of Mind
3. Heretic Enemy
4. Prime Of Life
5. Faithless God
6. In The Line Of Fire
7. Drag You To Hell
8. Victims Eyes
9. The Deadly Blow
10. Borne The Agony

STORMAGE also recently posted the official video for the new single “The Deadly Blow”, which you can enjoy here:

The album – which will be available for a cheap “Discover Price” – was produced, mixed and mastered by STORMAGE, with the kind assistance of Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann. The artwork has been created by Mystik Arts.





The record release party will take place on April 8th at the Ohler Saal in Plettenberg, Germany.

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