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Gojira – Magma

July 28, 2016

Gojira – Magma When it comes to my own personal music taste I wouldn’t normally put bands like this on my list, however, after [Continue Reading]

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXVII – 18/7 –

July 18, 2016

What's going to be in this one, then? A brand new single from Friday night headliners and rapidly rising British Heavy Metal band (which happens to feature Blaze Bayley's guitarist and co-writer AND Iced Earth's bassist), Absolva, Glasgow bruisers Attica Rage, Symphonic Metal upstarts Aonia and Dakesis as well as local heroes, Asylum City Zoo and Babylon Fire. This one's one in the eye (or should that be "ear"?) for anyone who says "Metal is dead". Do your neighbours a favour. Turn it all the way up. [Continue Reading]
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