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The Idol Dead – Die On Your Feet Or Live On Your Knees CD review

Leeds based The Idol Dead really know how to RAWK and it’s their take on punk n’ roll which really makes them one of the leading innovators of this magnificent genre of music. By combining fast, aggressive guitar lines, catchy melodic vocals and some of the slickest rock grooves known to man – The Idol Dead have delivered one of the finest rock albums of 2011, bringing the party spirit back to our beloved genre. This is a must have album for anyone who is a fan of rock, metal, punk, glam; you name it, you’ll like it, and with twelve astoundingly amazing tracks to listen to, you will be listening to this album for years and years to come!

By far the best thing about Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees has to be how accessible and catchy the chorus’s of each and every song are. From the ballsy chant of ‘Travelling Man’ to the blues inspired ring of ‘Lily White’, there is not a one moment on this album which won’t have you singing at the top of your voice to this lyrical mastery. These are songs written for a live audience, and the moment this album is finished, you will get getting on The Idol Dead’s website and seeing when they next hit your town. Believe me when songs like ‘Buckle and Howl’ hit, they will blow your mind.

Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees is jammed full of amazing guitar riffs that will gobsmack any guitar player listening to this. Sure, they may not be the most musically demanding guitar parts in the world but they are so memorable and will charge through your speakers at 150mph. Tracks like ‘Question Everything’, ‘Suzi Choo’ and ‘Don’t Waste It’ all have the flare and power whether it be blasting through the heavily distorted verses or the shredding licks before the chorus’s.

For such a small band, the production on this album is magnificent and sounds like it has been recorded by an artist on the likes of Sony or EMI. Everything sounds massive and so clean cut…… Like Gimli a few inches taller without the beard. It’s these small touches like finding the perfect place to record the album which makes The Idol Dead all the more better as a band. They are tight, musically stimulating and above all on fire during every song!

The Idol Dead are here with their debut record and it is, to say bluntly………….. Fricking Amazing! So, go out and buy this alum today because The Idol Dead are awesome, and Die On Your Feet Or Live On Your Knees is an outstanding album. By far one of the finest debut albums ever released. [9/10]