THY WORSHIPER: Reissuing Iconic Polish Black Metal Album “Popiół”


Arachnophobia Records are pleased to announce that the remaster of Thy Worshiper’s debut album, “Popiół”, is going to be released on 25 April 2017.  Pre-orders are available via the record label’s webstore.

In order to understand the popularity of Polish black metal, one cannot just look back at albums from the last decade.  It’s history dates back to over 20 years ago.  Popiół (Introibo ad altare Dei), originally released in 1997, along with Behemoth’s Grom, Lux Occulta’s Forever Alone.  Immortal, Sacrilegium’s Wicher and many others added to the richness and uniqueness of the Polish black metal scene.

Comprising of the melancholic Polish spirit and rebellion against Christianity, Popiół’s distinctiveness is in its mature songwriting, which perfectly resists the destructive nature of time.  To this day, tracks from Popiół are among the fans’ favourite.

The upcoming reissue was remastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio and consists of a refreshed design.  The band’s latest studio effort, Klechdy, was released in 2016, also via Arachnophobia Records.

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