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Rising UK riff slingers Triverse Massacre are shifting through the gears and ploughing through the ranks of the British metal scene. The quintet now drop a burly slice of resourceful progressive Death Metal in the shape of their new EP Hades.


Born out of Carlisle, and formed in 2010, Triverse Massacre are starting to assemble a loyal troop of fans. The band’s debut EP, In The Jaws Of Deceit, was released to great response within the metal underground community, drawing glowing comparisons to At The Gates and Lamb Of God.  Their follow up, With Bared Teeth and Truths, offered four slabs of pit starting, abrasive metal, described by the mighty No Clean Singing website as “diving head-first into a nest of pissed-off hornets”.


Lofty support from Terrorizer Magazine, Planet Mosh, and Big Cheese Magazine has increased the band’s profile. So too has winning the Carlisle Metal to the Masses 2016 competition, where the five-some won a coveted slot at last year’s Bloodstock Open Air, playing alongside the likes of Slayer, Behemoth, Mastodon, and Gojira. Live shows and support slots with everyone from Aliases, The Sun Explodes, The Colour Line, Reign Of Fury, Anihilated, and a recent sold-out show with heavyweights Skindred and Raging Speedhorn, only further outlined the band’s growing reach and trajectory.


Triverse Massacre’s forthcoming EP cranks up the intensity and technicality. The guttural attack of Styx, framed by sledge-hammer blows and vicious guitar parts, sets the pace before the pummelling beatings of Acheron ensue.  Next up, Lethe is a stomping full frontal blast of Deathcore, as its amps up on the brutality, with deep growls that stem from the pits of hell. Phlegethon closes the EP and underlines just why you need to hear Triverse Massacre. This record will stamp its way through your skull, leaving a substantial imprint.


|| Triverse Massacre host a special CD EP launch on Saturday 22nd April at The Brickyard, Carlisle || 


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