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TUSKA 2017: Legendary Suomi Finland Perkele Collective Returns


TUSKA 2017: Legendary Suomi Finland Perkele Collective Returns

White smoke is in the air as the legendary Finnish metal magazine/think tank Suomi Finland Perkele returns on Saturday July 1st at Tuska.  Founding members Tony Taleva and Pasi Kuokkanen will curate the Saturday program on Inferno Stage according to the timeless SFP spirit.

Although SFP has taken a lengthy break, Taleva and Kuokkanen are very much in tune with what’s going on in the local metal scene.  The following seven acts have been hand-picked the SFP head honchos from the smokiest metal bars around the country.

Demonztrator, a new thrash metal time machine from Finland will take a giant quantum leap in 2017 by releasing some forgotten Finnish thrash metal jewels.  The forthcoming album will contain covers of obscure tracks from such artists as: Airdash, Brainwash, Charged, Defection, Dementia, Dirty Damage, Faff-Bey, Mengele, National Napalm Syndicate, Oppression, Protected Illusion, Terrific Verdict and The Hirvi.

The band will take the stage at Tuska 2017 and make it one unique event where these old thrash tunes will come alive once again.  These tunes where written almost thirty years ago and this is now your chance to witness them live again.  Miss this and regret it forever…

Combining machines and metal in their sound, FOD is at least mischievous little brother of Turmion Kätilöt.  They’ve already toured all around Finland and abroad and now they’ll perform for the first time at Tuska.

Mind Riot was one of the pioneers of Finnish metal in the 90’s, hovering somewhere in between death metal and alternative rock.  After a few promising releases life happened and front man Tuomo Saikkonen started his long year journey as the guitar player of one of the biggest names in Finnish metal, Mokoma.  After a 20 year hiatus, Mind Riot is back together with a few unreleased songs put out and a few shows to play.

Sleep Of Monsters, SOM between friends, has released two LPs in their career.  Still they’ve raised positive buzz around them since the beginning and that is no wonder.  Their leading man, Ike Vil’s songwriting pen is still as sharp and on point as ever and they play diverse and meandering rock’n’roll that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Black metal band Throes of Dawn, formed in 1994, has been through quite a massive change on the journey to this day.  The change from black metal to progressive dark metal is surprisingly long.  Even though the distance is only six albums long.  “The Great Fleet Of Echoes”, that was released in 2010, was a blood chilling progressive explosion and the last year’s release “Our Voices Shall Remain” won’t go any easier on you.  Quite the opposite…

Paara from Helsinki brings some new blood to the Finnish black metal scene.  Performing with their native tongue, Paara has only released their first album and are just recording their second one.  They’ve planned to release the album in the spring 2017.  On their first album, they had visitors from Swallow The Sun, Moonsorrow, Shape Of Despair as well as from Katatonia.

Alabama Kush moves both mountains and oceans with their space-stoner-instrumental music.  They take their influences from for example Morgion and Boris.

More Tuska 2017 acts to be announced soon.  Check the entire Tuska 2017 line-up from

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