The jeweller of rock stars, Heidi Vornan, designed Tuska Festival’s Anniversary Collection

Tuska 20th Anniversary Collection designed by Heidi Vornan is released today. Vornan, whose work adorns the bodies of many a rock star, including Alexi Laiho and Daniel Freyberg of Children Of Bodom, Ville Sorvali of Moonsorrow and Niklas Sandin of Katatonia, set out to design the collection based on the festival logo.

Tuska jewellery collection


“I wanted to maintain the logo in its’ entirety. The stonelike texture fits the theme perfectly and the signs of wear improve the look of the jewellery pieces”, Vornan elaborates.

Heidi created the model piece by hand. Dark 925 Sterling silver transforms to different Tuska-jewellery pieces entirely in Finland.

”I wanted to create a quality jewellery line from quality materials. Everything is top-notch, from materials to craftsmanship. The idea was to create something different from the usual festival jewellery, the Tuska-line is built to last. A local specialty worth mentioning is the choker, that is made from reindeer skin,” Vornan adds.

The entire Tuska Collection is now available at: