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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CXCII


Here we go again with another Wyrd Ways Rock Show! This week, we Thrash it up a bit with four tracks from Aberdeen’s Thrashist Regime (the original Scottish, not any of the foreign knock-offs!). They’re this week’s Spotlight band. You’ll also be hearing a little bit more from Tyrant and Bull-Riff Stampede as well as the likes of Keltic Jihad, UDO and Teramaze as well as a Shock Of The New featuring Venrez, Piranah, IamI, Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society and Grenouer.


By the way, if you’re in a band (originals or covers) and you want to be on the show, get in touch with me via the website at ,  Facebook ( or ReverbNation (  If you send me some files (or a CD) and I like what I hear, I’ll play your stuff on the show.

Carl Pickles