Get On This:

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CXCV


What have we got for you lovely people this week, eh?  How about something new from Firewind and Falling In Reverse (for the young ‘uns)?  What if we throw in a little Exit State, Attica Rage, Michael Schenker and Bull-Riff Stampede?  That sound OK to you?  Certainly does to me.  What if I throw in a Spotlight on Nightqueen and a Shock Of The New featuring Stranger, Blyndsyde, Temtris, Shotgun Chaperone and Electric Boa?  Sound good?  Does, doesn’t it?


By the way, if you’re in a band (originals or covers) and you want to be on the show, get in touch with me via the website at,  Facebook ( or ReverbNation ( and send me some files (or a CD).  If I like what I hear, I’ll play your stuff on the show. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can also find The Wyrd Ways Rock Show on the Tune-In Radio app.


If you want to get in touch with me to ask for a song or take part in the show in any way, click on the E-mail or Contact Form links on the homepage.  Remember you can also listen to the show by subscribing with iTunes by pasting itpc:// into your browser’s address bar.

Carl Pickles