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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXVI – 11/7 –


Welcome to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show on!

As promised in last week’s edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, there’s new stuff from Joey Jordison’s other project, Vimic, (which is basically Scar The Martyr with a new singer) so don’t tell me I never follow through on my promises!  There’s also new stuff from a couple of supergroups, namely Dead Daisies and Neil Fallon’s side-project, Dunsmuir.

That’s (obviously) not all.

Alongside a track from the recently unearthed original, unreleased due to legal hassle, Cacophonous Records version of Cradle Of Filth’s second album, Dusk… And Her Embrace, there’s also a track from Old Corpse Road and an interview, recorded at last year’s SOS Festival, with two of the members of reunited NWOBHM band, Avenger.  If you ever wondered what it was like being signed to Neat Records alongside the likes of Venom, this is where you’ll find out.

Record Of The Week celebrates the storming new album by Bristol (and Nottingham)’s very own Bull-Riff Stampede.

Turn it all the way up.


Carl Pickles