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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXV – 18/6 –


Welcome to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show on!

You’ll presumably be glad (and somewhat relieved, I would assumed) to know things are pretty much back to normal in this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show.  No tragedies in the music world to contend with.  Makes a bit of a change for 2016 so far, doesn’t it?

Getting down to business, what have we got in store for you this week, then?

Well, we’ve got some new material from one of Joey Jordison’s latest projects, Sinsaenum, Hellyeah, Monster Truck and Lacuna Coil.  This week’s Shock Of The New features an interview with a fast-rising band from Wigan by the name of Bigfoot, recorded at last year’s Bloodstock Festival and the Record Of The Week from a certain Swedish band who you may recognize from the picture below…  Incidentally, they also provide this week’s Covered, taking on a really rather excellent song from an under-appreciated era of one of the classic bands.  As for the Spotlight, this week it shines on a Birmingham-based Power/Symphonic Metal band by the name of Dakesis.  Since they’ve recently released an absolutely stunning second album, I thought they deserved to have their work flagged up.

No up-and-coming musicians or aging Rock Stars were harmed (or died) during the making of this show… although Meat Loaf, Deep Purple‘s last-remaining original member, Ian Paice and Status Quo‘s Rick Parfitt had some near-misses.


Carl Pickles