Fire Red Empress Album and Single Announcements

FIRE RED EMPRESS Announce debut album  will feature Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler 

Unleash crushing new single ‘HAIL THE FACE’ on Red Vixen Records 

On May 27th  Fire Red Empress release their crushing new single ‘Hail The Face’ on Red Vixen Records.

The ferocious ‘Hail The Face’ with thickly amplified sheet metal riffs, jackhammer percussion, thundering drums, and soaring vocals, is a blistering monster of a tune. Lyrically “dealing with how people need to live behind a veil of lies and illusions to feel secure and safe rather than face the truth and take control of their destiny!”

Hailing from the Midlands, Fire Red Empress are an electrifying five-piece whose supercharged music is propelled by exhilarating, monster guitar riffs and powerful, haunting vocals. Feast your eyes on the video, a white knuckle ride featuring “James Bond” in a high speed duel

Fire Red Empress have finished recording their debut album, which will feature a track co-written with Brian Tatler of legendary NWOBHM band Diamond Head.

The album is being mixed and mastered by Über Producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark and marks the first physical release with new singer Jen Diehl (formerly of Furykane). “We can’t wait for people to hear Jen on these new songs. She’s given us a different edge and her voice is unbelievable” says guitarist Paul Gethin. “It’s definitely a heavier direction but the hooks are still there”

The track ‘Black Morphine’ co-written by Brian Tatler also features a guitar solo from him. The band met Tatler after he read an interview with guitarist Carl Gethin in Classic Rock Magazine, and named Diamond Head’s Canterbury as one of his favourite albums. “Brian is a great guy, really down to earth and to write a song with someone you respect so much was an honour” says Carl.

Fire Red Empress to support the album’s release will be touring ‘like mad’  and promise ‘Whether you’re headbanging or your just nodding along to the groove, we guarantee you’ll have a sore neck the following morning.”

Emerging with an impressive arsenal of huge stoner rock riffs and soaring anthems, Fire Red Empress boast a thunderous hard rock sound that refuses to be ignored.

Fire Red Empress  are poised to take the world by storm , and if you don’t believe it, listen for yourself.  All hail Fire Red Empress.

Live Shows

18th London Borderline
Red Vixen Records label Launch  w/ JoanOvArc &  Lilith And The Knight 
28th Birmingham  02 Academy 3
28th  Robin 2, Wolverhampton (w/Diamond Head)

Fire Red Empress is:

Jen Diehl – Vocals
Carl Gethin  – Guitar
Paul Gethin – Guitar
Ben Picken – Bass

Luke Middleton – Drums

To pre order Hail The Face go to

“Fire Red Empress burst from the gates with a hard-charging, riff-fuelled, radio-baiting monster that sounds like all your favourite bands beating each other to death”
Classic Rock Magazine

“A memorable, yet intricate wallop of killer riffage and killing vocals….classy stuff indeed”
Fireworks Magazine

“The debut EP sends shivers down spines with energetic, torrential surges”

Filled with passion, fire and a haunting yet groovy atmospheric vibe”
Bring The Noise

“There is a rumbling this band are about to go stratospheric”
Global Onslaught Magazine

“A glorious head on collision of Queens of the Stone Age rock coupled with Muse-like vocal harmonies”
Planet Mosh

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