Dew-Scented Announce New Drummer – Marc Dzierzon

DEW-SCENTED Announces New Drummer!

European Tour with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Kicking off Shortly!

Multinational Thrashers DEW-SCENTED Have Announced a New Drummer to Their Ranks.

Comments singer Leif Jensen: “We are excited to announce Marc Dzierzon as new drummer for Dew-Scented. As you might have noticed, we have been going back and forth with session drummer options (Thanks a lot again, Michiel and Uwe…you both rule!) since Koen left the fold at the end of 2015. We were checking for the right match not only for shows, but also to work on new material with us, handle recording duties and then also perform those tracks live in the future. The search is now over.

Marc Dzierzon (Centaurus-A, ArschlochKind) is a talented and dedicated musician, who blew us away from the very first moment on at rehearsals. Next to having a smooth understanding of what Dew-Scented is all about, he not only plays super hard and precise, but also brings along the attitude and we were looking for. We feel extremely confident about beginning this next new chapter of the band and you will see Marc debuting with Dew-Scented already on the upcoming Flotsam & Jetsam tour!

Marc comments as follows: “I’m happy and proud to announce that I’ve become part of the Dew-Scented family. It’s a great honor for me to have the privilege of making music with these guys and I am very excited and motivated about everything that future will bring along! See you out on the road in March/April with Izegrim and Flotsam & Jetsam for a first greeting!

Check out a play-through video by Marc for the song ‘Affect Gravity’ off ‘Intermination‘ here:

More info about Marc can be found here:

Here is a list of the DEW-SCENTED shows announced so far for this year:

DEW-SCENTED live 2017:
TH 23.03.2017 Strasskirchen (Germany) – Plutonium + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
FR 24.03.2017 Bohinj (Slovenia) – Winter Days Of Metal + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim & more
SA 25.03.2017 Parma (Italy) – Titty Twister + Izegrim & more
SU 26.03.2017 Zürich (Switzerland) – Dynamo + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
MO 27.03.2017 Paris (France) – Petit Bain + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
TU 28.03.2017 Nantes (France) – Ferrailleur + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
WE 29.03.2017 Deinze (Belgium) – Elpee + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim (Sold out!)
TH 30.03.2017 Osnabrück (Germany) – Bastard Club + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
FR 31.03.2017 Arnhem (The Netherlands) – Willemeen + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim & more
SA 01.04.2017 Nijverdal (The Netherlands) – Cult Art + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
SU 02.04.2017 Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Baroeg + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
MO 03.04.2017 Berlin (Germany) – Cassiopeia + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
TU 04.04.2017 Ostrava (Czech Republic) – Barrak Music Club + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
TH 06.04.2017 Krakow (Poland) – Zascianek + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
FR 07.04.2017 Budapest (Hungary) – Showbarlang + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
SA 08.04.2017 Vienna (Austria) – Vienna Metal Meeting + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim & more
SU 09.04.2017 Mannheim (Germany) – 7er Club + Flotsam And Jetsam & Izegrim
07.-08.07.2017 Nordheim/Heilbronn (Germany) – Sunstorm Open Air
05.-08.07.2017 Ballenstedt (Germany) – Rock Harz Festival
14.-15.07.2017 Gävle (Sweden) – Gefle Metal Festival
10.-12.08.2017 Schlotheim (Germany) – Party San Open Air

Having found a new steady drummer also means that we can now finally start to work on a next Dew-Scented studio album, for which we already gathered plenty of cool new material. So look out…

Dew-Scented ‘Intermination‘ album samples:
Ruptured Perpetually (official video):
On A collision Course (track stream):
Ode To Extinction (lyric video):
Metal Blade Records landing page:

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