42 DECIBEL Release New Video For “Rocker Soul”


42 DECIBEL have released a new video for the song “Rocker Soul” from their debut album “Hard Rock N´Roll”.  The video can be seen here.


42 DECIBEL have documented one thing beyond a doubt: traditional rock’n’roll is universal and stops neither at geographical borders nor current trends and fashions. The way this young band gets down to business in the studio and live on stage brings to mind acts such as AC/DC, Airbourne, The Answer and Buckcherry. 42 DECIBEL sound like they might hail from Australia, the US, England or Scandinavia. But in fact the quartet stems from Argentina, where they have recently shaken all the hottest clubs in and around Buenos Aires to their very foundations. Their debut album Hard Rock’n’Roll is a classy, spirited rock album which was released last year as CD, 2LP and download



1.Scotch Drinker 6:17

2.Smokin’ Fire 2:57

3.Long Legged Woman 5:41

4.The Real Deal 5:00

5.Take Me 6:53

6.I`m Gonna Give You All 5:48

7.Drinkin’ Margaritas 5:25

8.Addicted To Rage 5:09

9.Born To Ride Alone 3:43

10.Rocker Soul 4:18

11.Drunk Love 5:04 (Bonus Track)

12. Gimme A Drink 3:28 (Bonus Track)



Side A

1.Scotch Drinker 6:17

2.Smokin’ Fire 2:57

3.Long Legged Woman 5:41


Side B

1.The Real Deal 5:00

2.Take Me 6:53

3.I`m Gonna Give You All 5:48


Side C

1.Drinkin’ Margaritas 5:25

2.Addicted To Rage 5:09

3.Born To Ride Alone 3:43


Side D

1.Rocker Soul 4:18

2.Drunk Love 5:04 (Bonus Track)

3. Gimme A Drink 3:28 (Bonus Track)



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