ACCURSED SPAWN release new track ‘Burned into Sterility’

Following the song’s premiere on Hammer Smashed Radio, Accursed Spawn have released ‘Burned into Sterility‘, the first single from the death metal outfit’s upcoming EP ‘Putrid’ along with the album artwork.

The track can also be downloaded for free or “pay what you want” via the band’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Accursed Spawn  PutridVocalist Luke Wargasm commented on forthcoming EP: “This is a recording that I think we can all really be proud of as a band. We came together tighter than ever before, and really worked together on structuring all the songs and playing to everyone’s strengths, as well as this maniacial thing we’ve cultivated that we like to call the ‘Accursed Spawn’ sound. The single pretty much speaks for itself. We’re bringing the heavy slam, the pounding drum, and the ripping solo to the party.”

The band teamed up with Arend Nijhuis and Serrated Studio’s to record the EP. No word yet as to when Putrid will be available, or what other tracks will be included in the release.

About: Formed in 2010, Accursed Spawn is a band hell bent on delivering speed, technicality, and raw aggression. Drawing inspiration from the darkest corners of extreme music, it is a band that fully intend to rip your throat out and gouge your eyes with their vulgar, deranged music.

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