Ward XVI – Acoustic Sessions – Daisy Chains – video

Week three of WARD XVI – Acoustic Sessions brings you ‘Daisy Chains’ 

Our attention is drawn again to depths of Whittingham Asylum, haunting melodies are rising once more from Ward XVI. Those brave enough to speak of Psychoberrie tell us she has a saying on the ward, “if two wrongs don’t make a right, try three”.

Welcome to the third piece of Psychoberrie’s diabolical plan to bewitch you, we suspect this isn’t quite the end…

Share and enjoy! WARD XVI – Acoustic Sessions ‘Daisy Chains’ 

Taken from the upcoming ‘Acoustic Session EP’ of four acoustic tracks, released each week in advent, a perfect addition to any library and gift set!

Ward XVI are continuing to stun and with these acoustic session tracks displaying even more just how good these songs are, stripped-down bare, with exposed raw emotions.


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