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Still a young band, but with experience, their maturing nicely, and starting to make some good songs that are getting them noticed.

A newly formed band coming from my own part of the U.K. ( East Midlands ) is Adelphia. Still a young band, but with experience, their maturing nicely, and starting to make some good songs that are getting them noticed. One EP already under their belt ‘ Fingers Burnt and Lessons Learnt‘ a five track EP which is available now. While in 2014 they have made two new singles ‘If I Fall’ and ‘Better Off’  so perhaps some exciting times are ahead for Adelphia? ( Release dates yet to be confirmed ).


With this in mind, I contacted the band and asked them a few questions…………


PM. How did you all get together and form the band? Did you all grow up together, or was it via a different process?
Adelphia. “We all got together via online advertising and word of mouth, none of us knew each other really before the band.

PM. What is your bands motivation? ie; Who do you feel ( any other bands, or solo artists ) gives you all the most inspiration?
Adelphia. “Generally well written songs and driven artists, I guess that’s the foundational part, then you meet fans of your work and that instantly drives you to be better and to give them the best music you can write”.

PM. Do all the members of the band write the songs? If not, who is the main song writer?
Adelphia. “Nick is the lyricist for the band and usually is the source of foundation where songs are concerned, we all input into the writing process though.”

PM. Having just recently performed at Rock City’s ‘Hit The Deck’ fest in Nottingham. How did you all rate the experience being there? Would it be something you would like to repeat? Did you all enjoy meeting the many bands that were there for the day? and who did you personally enjoy hearing?
Adelphia. “Playing main stage at Hit the Deck was a massive milestone and dream come true for us, we would love to play it again, we met a lot of amazing people that day and there were so many bands/friends we enjoyed watching that it would be unfair to single one out!”

PM. I hear your currently in the process of recording some new songs. Are these going to be part of a new album, E.P. or released as singles?
Adelphia. “We have 2 potential singles ready for release later on in the year, currently it’s debatable what we are going to release them alongside but there’s definitely a few ideas floating around that excited us and hopefully the fans.”

PM. As for the future, have you guys got any plans for doing more gig’s or festivals throughout 2014 into 2015?
Adelphia. “We just announced a hometown joint headliner with our boys in Lacey, this should be a great night and aside from that we have a few announcements up our sleeves but all will be revealed!”

PM. On a more personal note, what do you all like to do to relax when not performing? Beer is far too an easy answer! lol
Adelphia. “Whilst we are on downtime we like to relax usually with some kind of food, love music or social event, there’s nothing specific we do, it’s usually just go with the flow until downtime is over.”

PM. Do you all have any interesting or unusual things you like to do?
Adelphia. “We all do unusual things, we are a pretty weird band when it comes to humour and when the cameras are around, I guess the main thing is just trying to make each other laugh when the cameras are on or when we are trying to be professional. You laugh, you lose!”

PM. Now, as daft as it sounds, we have a pretty important question we often ask folks and we sometimes get some very odd answers! BACON! Is it a yes or no? Who like’s it? How do they like it? Would they share their last bit with a friend? Plus who puts brown or tomato sauce on theirs? and why!!?? Mustard is not allowed!
Adelphia. “A definite yes! We all love it and we love it regardless of how it’s cooked! We don’t share bacon with anyone!! …sauce is debatable.”

PM. Last one…… Who would all the band most like ( or liked ) to play along side of at a gig or festival?
Adelphia. “We would love to play alongside our main inspirations, playing with people that inspired us to make music is the biggest reward for a musician on terms of progression.”


PM. Well guys thanks for putting up with my questions, and hope we can catch up again soon!  Best wishes to you all for 2014 and the future.



Band Members……..

Nicholas James Crampton – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Jordan Wood – Lead Guitar
Jay Sanderson – Bass Guitar
Rik Gilbert – Drums and Backing Vocals


Contact Info……..



Main profile picture by permission of Ashley Green of Ideal Film.

Still a young band, but with experience, their maturing nicely, and starting to make some good songs that are getting them noticed.

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