Adrenaline Mob, Voodoo Six, Manchester Moho Live, Review, 30.06.12

The night  ahead was about pure skill, musicianship, pelting rhythms and in your face lyrics. A night I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t the only one. There was no local support just straight in with Voodoo Six’s perfect blend of classic rock and roll with modern heavy rock. What a kick off they had with ‘Ain’t No Friend Of Mine’, an instant crowd pleaser, following with ‘Like the Other’s Did’, setting a standard for a strong set, playing songs from their last album ‘Fluke?’ and their last EP ‘Falling Knives’. Unfortunately bass player Tony Newton could not make the tour but this was not detrimental to their sound tonight as the substitute bass player was on top form.
Drummer Joe Lazarus hasn’t been with the band long and is only young but  he is extremely talented, where we can expect diverse technical rhythmic sections.
Voodoo Six bring in their biggest single ‘Falling Knives’ leading into ‘Take Aim’. Luke Purdies vocals never fail in being gruff, powerful and damn right rock and roll. He’s not only talented vocally but he’s a showman with a captivating charm.  Introducing the next song ‘Take the Blame’ where we witness a insane guitar solo from Chris Jones. They finish tonight with ‘Long way Home’ leaving the audience charged and ready for Adrenaline Mob.

Adrenaline Mob with legendary drummer Mike Portnoy take to the stage. They kicked off with ‘Physchosane’, a song with a blazing rhythm and shredding guitar parts from the incredible guitarist Mike Orlando that instantly brings thundering roars from their fans. Tonight Adrenaline Mob had one gripping performance, they were fierce and demanding, with an audience that followed their every move. As individuals they are mastery musicians , together they are dynamite pushing everything to it’s limit. Last night they were in Glasgow and from their review it was an immense night and they pulled it off again in Manchester tonight, well with Russell Allens vocals it’s no surprise. They soon slow things down with ‘Angel Sky’ where it was all note perfect. The set gets a boost with ‘Feight Train’ and ‘Come Undone’ a Duran Duran cover. The energy tonight was colossal feeding the following below, It was a shame Moho was not full to the rim but the one’s there made up for the empty space.
Adrenaline Mob’s set was a healthy portion of ballads and striking riffage songs, all from their new album ‘Omerta’. They finished off  with ‘Undaunted’ that only riled the audience for more.
Adrenaline Mob exit the stage only to reappear within seconds, there were no tormenting the audience before reentering. The encore was made up of  two epic Black Sabbath cover songs ‘Mob Rulez’ and ‘War Pigs’ and solo from that made your jaw drop.  What a perfect round off with a collaboration of their fans singing every word. Adrenaline Mob gave a truly mind blowing performance, one I will be yearning for again and again.


Feelin’ Me
Down to the Floor
Angel Sky
Freight Train
Come Undone
Believe Me
All on the Line
Hit the Wall


Guitar Solo – Mike Orland

The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)

Warpigs (Black Sabbath cover)


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