Adrenaline Mob with Voodoo Six – Glasgow, King Tuts – 29th June 2012

It’s safe to say that I had been looking forward to this gig for a while. It’s not often you get to be up close and personal to some true masters of their craft but King Tuts in Glasgow gives you that opportunity big style thanks to its compact size and thunderous sound. What transpired was one of the best and most awe-inspiring displays of live musicianship I have ever seen in all my years of loving metal.

The night kicked off with local band Mercury Underground who were given all of fifteen minutes to come on and do their stuff which to be honest was limp, uninspiring and pretty turgid. Very quickly forgotten.

By comparison the main support, and a band I have had the pleasure of seeing in the past, Voodoo Six, took to the stage with an altogether far more positive, professional and explosive set. Granted, the guys were restricted by the small playing space thanks in part to the monstrous kit that Mike Portnoy had with him but that in no way stopped them from getting the crowd warmed up and rocking. It’s testament to their character that from a lukewarm reception they very quickly had the crowd on their side as they blasted out tracks from recent EP Falling Knives. You felt just as they were getting into their stride they had to call time on their set which was a real shame as I could have listened to and watched them for longer thanks in particular to the guitaring skills of Matt Pearce and Chris Jones alongside the vocal power and melody of Luke Purdie.

But leave us Voodoo Six did and on their leaving there suddenly appeared to be an air of anticipation and a buzz of excitement from the sold out King Tuts crowd as they fervently awaited the arrival of the Mob.

Call them a metal supergroup, call them masters of their craft, call them some of the finest musicians in the world today, whatever you so decide to brand Adrenaline Mob, what you can for sure call them is one helluva tight, entertaining, crowd pleasing, awe inducing spectacle of a live band. They took to the stage with the crowd at fever pitch and launched into the thumping “Psychosane” from debut album Omérta with each single piece of the Mob team feeding off the energy the crowd were more than happy to send them. Russell Allen’s vocals were pitch perfect, Portnoy made the drumming as effortless as only he could do, John Moyer thundered his way through the bass while stalking the stage, while my all new guitar hero, Mike Orlando, moved his fingers across the fretboard so fast at times without missing one note it was a joy to watch.

I could end the review there by simply saying it was a night of live musical perfection and you know what, sue me if I am coming across here like a hugely gushing fanboy but truth be told I don’t think I was quite ready for just how breathtaking Adrenaline Mob were as a live force.

As the set went on and the Mob powered through track after track from their stunning debut album, it became more and more apparent why everyone was enjoying themselves so much in the crowd. It wasn’t just that the tunes were so good, it was the way all four members of the band were engaging the crowd, enticing the crowd, living the event with the crowd. It was the huge grins each and every one of them carried on stage that radiated back to the crowd that made it such an enjoyable gig. As Russell Allen said leading into “All on the Line”, “the Mob isn’t just the four of us here on stage, it’s each and every one of us loving and living the music in this room” or words to that effect. You can’t help but get drawn in and caught up in the moment.

They saved the best until last with the monstrous “Hit the Wall” leading into the anthemic and perfect end to their set, “Undaunted”, which not only had the whole of King Tuts bouncing, but also the crowd in huge vocal support on the chorus. But they just couldn’t help themselves and with the crowd baying for more they duly returned with classic Sabbath covers “The Mob Rules” and “Warpigs” licked with typical Mob characteristics to leave Glasgow buzzing and hoping for a quick return.

A truly memorable night of metal, the likes of which I doubt I’ll see again anytime soon.

Feelin’ Me
Down to the Floor
Angel Sky
Freight Train
Come Undone
Believe Me
All on the Line
Hit the Wall

The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)
Warpigs (Black Sabbath cover)

Adrenaline Mob are:

Russell Allen – vocals
Mike Orlando – guitars
Mike Portnoy – drums
John Moyer – bass


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