Amon Amarth – ABC, Glasgow 13/3/12

Tonight promises to be a belter. In Solitude, Grand Magus and of course Amon Amarth. As a huge fan of Amon Amarth I am really looking forward to seeing them in a smaller venue rather than a festival like Wacken and Bloodstock where I previously saw them.

I have never seen In Solitude and after interviewing the band I am very interested to see what they are like live. I was not disappointed. Vocalist Hornper demands the stage with his souring vocals and fox scarf. Their style of groovy rock and roll mixed with a heavier heavy metal edge and the energy of the band on stage made for a dark and thrilling show.

Grand Magus dramatically enter the stage and the crowd instantly go nuts. They set off by playing Kingslayer and Like the Oar Strikes the Water. They are such a professional band, they know exactly what they are doing and involve the crowd between nearly every song. My favourite moment was when they played Silver into Steel and finished with Iron Will at which every person in the ABC was singing along, magical.

With a fantastic performance from all the bands so far and a bigger build up from Grand Magus the atmosphere in the venue is similar to that of a festival. Lots of drinking, shouting and excitement.

Just before Amon Amarth are finally about to come on the lights go out and a beautiful violin/synth piece is played to get us all into the Viking frame of mind. This is going to be truly epic!

The crowd starts to chant and clap. Finally the shadows of the band can be seen making their way onto the stage and Hegg’s usual horns are lifted into the air, at which point the crowd erupts. Straight away they power into War of the Gods. Throughout the whole performance Hegg concentrates his energy on invoking the feeling of blood lust on the crowd which sends most of the crowd into a large circle pit. As well as some newer tracks I was incensed when they played Runes to my Memory, The Pursuit of Vikings, The Beheading of a King, Fate of Norns, Death in Fire at the end and the one track I was dying to see live Flight of the Black Birds. Just insane.

This band never fail to impress and envelope the audience into a magical, primal state of mind and even though most of the crowd, like me, have been listening to this band for years and have seen them previously, seeing them live is just a whole new experience every time. In my opinion one of the top five best live bands in the world of metal.


Amon Amarth Setlist

War of the Gods

Live Without Regrets

Destroyer of the Universe

For Victory or Death

Runes to My Memory

The Pursuit of Vikings

The Beheading of a King

Slaves of Fear

The Fate of Norns

Where Is Your God?

Under the Northern Star

Free Will Sacrifice

Cry of the Black Birds

Death in Fire


Twilight of the Thunder God

Guardians of Asgaard



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