Annihilator – Islington Academy, London – 13th October 2013


First up tonight were a London band, Nightlord.  Due to delays with getting into the venue I only managed to catch the last few minutes of their set, but what I heard sounded very good – some nice old school thrash.

Next up were The Generals.  A mix of thrash and death metal the vocals were growly in the death metal style , and the music was fast, heavy and packed with strong guitar riffs.  They really impressed and certainly will have made a load of new fans tonight.


Finally came the band we were all here for – Annihilator.  Having seen them a couple of months earlier at Wacken I knew we were in for a good performance and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  They caught many fans by surprise by kicking off with one of their biggest songs – “Alison Hell”, a song many had expected to be saved for the encore.  That really got things off to a superb start with crowd surfers coming over right from the start.
The large crowd were loving Annihilator’s set with plenty of headbanging, moshing and crowdsurfing throughout the set.  Packed with great guitar riffs and some great vocals this really was some great thrash metal.
If you’ve got the new album (Feast) then much of tonight’s setlist will be familiar to you.  There are three songs from Feast and six songs from the bonus CD (Re-kill) that comes with Feast.

All three bands tonight were good, but Annihilator just outclassed the other two tonight.






Annihilator setlist:
Alison Hell
W.T.Y.D.  (Welcome To Your Death)
Knight Jumps Queen
Reduced to Ash
Set the World on Fire
Refresh the Demon
Never, Neverland
No Zone
Second to None
I Am in Command
Phoenix Rising / Sounds Good to Me / Snake In the Grass
Drum Solo
No Way Out
Smear Campaign
Time Bomb

King of the Kill

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