Anthrax – Hammerfest review

Tonights main attraction for many people was the mighty Anthrax.  Apart from large festival appearances they havent played much in the UK in recent years so this tour was always going to attract a lot of fans.
They came on stage to the sounds of “Worship” from their latest album, Worship Music, before launching into two songs from the album – “Earth on hell” and “Fight em till you can’t”.
The crowd loved it, and why not – the album is great, one of their best in a long time, and Anthrax are clearly on great form tonight.  For the third song though the crowd goes crazy – its “Caught in a mosh” and unsurprisingly a mosh pit opened up.  The setlist tonight is split between new songs (four from the current album) and classics and all go down really well.  For Indians Joey Belladonna attempts to get people doing the wardance but unlike on the rest of the tour where the crowd knew what to do, tonights crowd is largely made up of young fans who seem completely clueless – disappointing.  On stage the band are a blur of energy – Joey Belladonna spends the entire show charging around the stage and Scott Ian also spends a large part of the show striding around.  The main set ends with “Among the living” and the crowd are left cheering for more.
Anthrax respond by coming back and playing Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) before launching into a blistering version of one my my favourite Anthrax songs – Madhouse.  We then get “Metal Thrashing mad” before the band start playing “I’m the man” – a song I’ve never heard them play live.  Sadly we just get a short piece of this before they move into the final song of the night – “I am the law”.   Anthrax put on a great show here at Hammerfest.





Earth On Hell

(Zombie Intro)Fight em till you cant

Caught in a mosh


The devil you know


(Bells intro)In the end

Death rider


Among the living



Metal thrashing mad

I am the law

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