AntropomorphiA interview with Ferry – October 2014

Antropomorphia bandFerry Damen, Vocalist & Guitarist from AntropomorphiA takes the time out to talk about their latest album ‘Rite Ov Perversion’

For anyone who has not heard of Antropomorphia, when and where was the band formed and how many original members are in the current line up?
AntropomorphiA’s inception lies in the fall of 1990. Marco Stubbe-Drums, Marc van Stiphout – Bass and myself -Vocals/Guitars formed this alliance and this trinity is still part of the line up.

How would you describe your music and who are your influences?
We have deeply rooted traditional Death Metal elements in our music but it also harbors elements of Black Metal and other musical genres. We have our own characteristics and sound. It¹s Catchy, Raw, Uncompromising, Diverse
and Perverted.

Is there a main songwriter or is it a band effort?
I write all the music, in some cases Marco contributes in the songwriting as well. He¹s also responsible for the bigger part of the arrangements. When it comes to the aspect of writing we complement each other

When and where was Antropomorphia’s first gig?
If I remember correctly it was at a metal New Years Eve party Œ91/¹92, I think a friend of ours organized it here in our hometown Tilburg at some storage shack.

Antropomorphia Rites ov PerversionRite Ov Perversion is your second full length album on Metal Blade Records. How does it feel to be with a ground breaking metal label?
Metal Blade has and is a very important force within the metal genre, they have a rich history and we are thankful for being able to be a part of that family.

How popular is death metal in the Netherlands?
I know we have a rich Death Metal tradition in this country when it comes to Death Metal acts but in terms of popularity I have no fucking clue. There are some annual festivals based around the genre like the Neurotic
Deathfest but it¹s not just Dutch fans that are coming there.

Who is your favourite band you have toured with?
I don’t have a favorite band when it comes to touring. That tour has yet to come on our path. We¹ve played on festivals with bands that influenced me or had a big impact on me when I was young like Possessed, Autopsy.

What is your favourite concert you have attended?
Again, picking favorites is not really my thing, certainly since I¹ve attended so many shows. I¹ll give it a try. Past: Death – Leprosy tour – at my old hometown Kaatsheuvel, L’ecole, The Netherlands (28.02.1989). Recently: I¹d say Possessed at the Little Devil bar here in Tilburg.

What are your favourite studio and live albums?
Since the list would be fucking long I’ll just throw in a small part some of my favorite albums are Possessed-Seven Churches, Death-Scream Bloody Gore, Autopsy-Severed Survival, The Cure-Pornography, Infernäl Mäjesty-
Infernäl Mäjesty, Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger, Grave Miasma- Odoratus Sepulcrorum, Metallica-Master of Puppets, Watain- Casus Luciferi, Teitanblood-Death, Venom-Black Metal, Bathory-Bathory, In Solitude-Sister, Deathspell Omega- Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice, Kreator-Pleasure to Kill, Dark Angel-Darkness Descends amongt many others. Live the list is really short: Venom-Eine kleine Nachtmusik and to some degree Iron Maiden-Live after Death

What are your touring plans for the rest of 2014 and when can we expect to see you play in the UK?
At the moment are bookings agent is working on ways for us to cast our rites on this cesspool of a planet in the coming months and 2015, hopefully the UK will be a part of it.

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