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arrow-haze - music factoryArrow-Haze are a Belgian band who count Pink Floyd, Dream theatre and Queensyche among their inspirations.  Given that then you might expect their music to be firmly in the Prog-rock camp, but in reality it’s not quite that simple.  Yes there is a strong Prog element, but there’s also a fairly strong AOR/Melodic rock element too.  There is a guest appearance from Dream Theatre keyboard player Derek Sheriniam on the album.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

‘Elly Kedward’ is another song that stands out, and I can see why this was chosen to go on the cover CD of Fireworks magazine recently.

Title track ‘Music factory’ features some nice guitar work as well as some nice keyboard work, both of which help the song stand out.

Closing track ‘Crisis’ is another great song.  It starts off as a slow ballad style track with soft gentle guitars and vocals before the pace and power gradually builds, and the song gets a totally different feel.  A nice mix during this last song

A very good album thats well worth a listen.

Rating:  7.5/10

Track listing:

1. Casino
2. Memories
3. Visions
4. Dreams
5. Lost
6. Perfectly ordinary
7. Confirm the message
8. Along the way
9. Elly Kedward
10. Music factory
11. Stranger tides
12. Routine
13. Crisis

Arrow Haze are:

Theo ‘Green’ Wasilczenko – Vocals & Drums
MattRach – Guitar
Karoly Alapi – Guitar
Stef Exelmans – Bass

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