ASHES OF MOON Sign With Wormholedeath

Ashes Of Moon
Ashes Of Moon

Wormholedeath is proud to announce the signing of Austrian melodic Death Metal band Ashes Of Moon. Their album “The darkness where The Past Lay Sleeping” will be released during this winter.


About the band:

Ashes Of Moon was founded by bassist and vocalist Matthias Fibrich and guitarist Michael Sägmüller in winter 2009 at their home town Bruck an der Mur, located at Upper Styria, Austria. The two musicians had been working on another music project till they decided to form their own band. The line-up was completed by two friends and former bandmates of Matthias, Dominique Studer on drums and Christoph Ajd as lead guitarist. First named “Tracked Grader”, the band recorded its first demo tape called “Course Of Truth” in 2010. Shortly afterwards they started to work on new material for the self-produced debut album “Ashes Of Moon”, which could only be released in fall 2012 due several intern delays (e.g. line-up-changes while recording). In June and October 2012, Mario “Luis” Scheiber and Helmut Winter, both members of “Hellsaw”, one of Austria’s leading black metal bands, joined Ashes Of Moon to replace Christoph Ajd and Dominique Studer. Inspired by new influences and willing to expand the own style, the new formation started to work on new songs at the beginning of 2013. In winter 2013/14, Ashes Of Moon got signed by the Italian record label “WormHoleDeath” (part of the Aural Music Group) and recorded the album “The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping”.


About the music:

A contrast between hard riffs, aggressive growling and screaming vocals on the one side and catchy melodies, clean and acoustic guitar parts, mixed with prog and post rock elements on the other side, was created. The lyrics mostly deal with sorrowful feelings, love death and various emotions, often described by nature-related metaphors and tales. The band itself would describe its style as some kind of post melodic death metal.


The band stated:

“After years of desperate search for a record deal, Austrain metal band Ashes Of Moon finally got signed by Wormholedeath! Due great cooperation and support, first studio album “The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping” will soon be released via Wormholedeath/Aural Music! The band itself is very proud to present 9 great tracks as result of hard work and endurance. Special thank goes to Carlo Bellotti for believing in Ashes Of Moon and giving us the chance to produce this record. The album was recorded at RealSound Studio in February 2014, mixed by Michael Zech (the Source Studio) in May and mastered by Thomas Taube in June 2014. ”


For this special day the band prepared a preview for the song “Farewell” that can be streamed at this location:


Ashes Of Moon
Ashes Of Moon

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Black Coffin

2. The Secret

3. Broken Mirror

4. The Dark He Invoked

5. The Moon’s Curse

6. Never Behind

7. In The End

8. Farewell

9. Wind


Worm stated:

“Since we all wanted it to be perfect, this album’s creation has been one of the longest processes we have ever supervised . Ashes Of Moon have a big and quite sophisticated artistic sensibility and we knew that we had to support them in the right way, with the right manners. Working with the guys, day by day, without rushing and giving them the support they needed led us to one of the biggest results we could imagine: an album that we absolutely love for it’s charm and emotional vibe. We are seriously proud to introduce you all this project since we, here at Wormholedeath, truly believe that these musicians have a lot to say especially when it comes to emotions. Now it’s your turn, just check them out and support the band … they will lead you to dreams.”


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