At The Lake – Maya

Hailing from Poland, and sheltering under the banner of Gothic Metal , I fully expected an album of dark and doom laden overtones, lyrics dealing with lost love and forlorn figures running through moonlit forests (well, you get the picture) but I was pleasantly surprised. Ok, so the subject matter may be a bit depressive, our impending destruction as predicted by the Mayan culture but hey, the band deal with it in an a musically upbeat manner.
The whole album is beautifully held together by some sublime violin as played by composer and band leader Milena, giving a welcome folk tinged aspect to the overall sound, which in places reminded me of the good old days of ‘Mother Earth’ era Within Temptation. Helped also by some excellent monastic chanting to enhance the Symphonic feel. Vocalist Natalia puts in a shift and a half on this record, not so much in the operatic/symphonic vein but in a more gritty powerful way more akin to a hard rock/metal band than a traditional female fronted gothic band.
The album also features a storming cover of Rammstein’s classic, ‘Sonne’ and a further track sung in Polish, demonstrating the groups ability to change musical styles, although the epic 9 minute long track ’Karma’ probably shows the bands talent to it’s greatest heights, with a violin sound that evoked memories of Nightwish’s ’While Your Lips Are Still Red’, which can’t be a bad thing.
To summarise, a really well balanced, well written, well produced album that many a band higher up the pecking order of female fronted metal would be damn proud to have their name put against.

Out now via Ravenheart Music.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Tomorrow I Will Fly.
2. Live Again.
3. Forget.
4. Like A Northern Wind.
5. Spring Of Forgiveness.
6. Running Out Of Time.
7. Neverland Train.
8. The Perfect Man.
9. Karma.
10. Sonne.
11. Dziecko We Mgle.

At The Lake are;
Natalia Sikora – Vocals.
Milena Gaworek – Violin.
Anna Mentel – Keyboards.
Krzysztof Khuz – Guitars.
Michal Badocha – Bass.
Alex – Drums.

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