Atominated – World Without Flesh


Irish thrash metal band Atominated, who were originally known as Akraga, have just released their new E.P, “World Without Flesh”.

Throughout the album the guitar sound is aggressive, whilst not being overly distorted as to lose definition on riffs which are technical and catchy.

Dual guitars leaves room for impressive lead playing and a sense of all out attack throughout the E.P.

Both the bass and drums are tight and drive the songs on.

Prominent syncing between the bass and kick drum leave the dynamic hard hitting, providing a solid rhythm section for this new release.

A clear and concise delivery of intelligent, lightning pace lyrics make this release as abrasive as intended.

Room for improvement on timing and muddled production in places. However, a well rounded E.P from Atominated.

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Rating: 6/10

Track listing:

1. Atomination
2. My New Face
3. Contagion
4. Hook Torn Flesh

Atominated are:

Eoin Clake – Vocals
David Curran – Guitars
Micheal Hannon – Bass
Nathan Quinn – Drums

Lyrics co written by Emmet Kiernan.

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