Attica Rage at Nambucca – 03/09/11

Attica Rage with support from L Sol Tace, Mekanizm & Kopperhed

A warm Saturday evening and it’s off to Holloway for an evening of Metal shenanigans laid on for us by the awesome Monsta Ents and first up were Kopperhed.

Hailing from London it was nice to begin the evening with some local talent and his four piece did not disappoint. Sounding like an expertly created Molotov cocktail of two parts Sepultura with one part Pantera topped of with a dash of Lamb of God all set to detonate your senses! This band do however retain their individuality, the front man (sorry didn’t catch his name) has the energy of a young Dickinson as he makes use of all of the small stage and quite a lot of the floor space too with his “machine gunning” along with the double pedal and also the bass.

I must say I am not normally a fan of growly vocals but these guys were great, check them out here:

Kopperhed are Low, Lex, Dave and Steve.

Performance rating: 8.5/10


Second band of the evening were also a local lot (in fact all three supports were) by the name of Mekanizm. This five piece bought a large slab of progressive death metal to the proceedings and proceeded to destroy it right there on the stage like a heavy metal jackhammer, if you like machine gun fast drumming and solo’s so fast they will melt your ears as well as your face off then this I the band for you.

Mekanizm have a live DVD EP due out soon however in the mean time you can check them out here:

Mekanizm are Faust, Mike, Eddy, Rob & Ben

Performance rating: 7/10

L Sol Tace

The last of the evenintgs supports were four piece L Sol Tace and they brutally injected the evening with another shot of death metal like being forced fed Jagermister with a shotgun shell! Their sound is however tinged with modern influences but without compromising the brutality of the overall delivery. L Sol Tace have also just bagged the support slot for Evile’s up coming show at the Garage on the 29th of September.

You can checkout L Sol Tace here:

L Sol Tace are Anton, Sam, James & Neil

Performance rating: 7/10

Attica Rage

Finally on to the main dish of our evenings Heavy metal Buffet with headliners the mighty Attica Rage! This four piece form Glasgow bring a whole fresh new perspective to what I think many call dirty biker metal, combining old school riffs with intense drums and lyrics that mean something and can be understood.

In this their first return to London since performing at this years High Voltage festival the guys deliver their show with absolute precession and enough passion to make a lot of the bigger metal bands out there look like they are playing dress up and mime in front of the bedroom mirror.

Promoting their second album “Road Dog” the set list is peppered with new tracks of which opening track “36 Insane” which almost bled into the next track “Altered Reality” (also from the new album) and closing tack “Back to the Old School” really stood out for me, the guys left plenty of space to please their faithful with their older material an unexpected cover of Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark” was also slipped in!


If you weren’t there this time shame on you and make sure you catch them next time, in the meantime you buy the new album here:

And check the band out here:

Attica Rage are: Jonny Parr, Richie Rage, Big C & Stevie Bell

Performance rating: 9/10

Full set list: 36 Insane, Altered Reality, Contradictions, Safe Inside, Chance to Breathe, Ashamed, Change in the Iris, Lost, Road Dog Forever, Through the Inner Eye, Fear of the Dark (cover), Swimming with Sharks, Dark City, Attica Rising, Back to the Old School.


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